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Attack Against Seleção:Protesters block bus from Brazil’s World Cup team, Video / FIFA 2014 News


In Rio de Janeiro angry teachers have stopped the team coach of the Brazilian national team. They demand money for education instead of football. The police watched helplessly. How well the country is prepared for the mass event World Cup?

They are accustomed joy dances, samba rhythms and waving Brazil flags. But on Monday the players of the Brazilian national team were greeted with protest signs and angry shouts.

“There will be no World Cup to give,” cried some 200 protesters, mostly teachers, since about two weeks strike in the state of Rio de Janeiro for 20 percent more pay and less hours worked per week. Some managed to glue the slogan on the team bus: “Não vai ter copa”. Stood on posters: “We need education, not stadiums.” Protesters hit with fists against the vehicle and shouted: “You can believe it quiet, educators are worth more than Neymar.” The police tried to push away the crowd, but was outnumbered.

2014 Brazil World Cup:Slogan: “Hexacampeão”, the sixth world title

Brazil Word Cup Protest against Brazil Team
Brazil Word Cup Protest against Brazil Team

At the margin of safety , it came close to the International Airport of Rio de Janeiro. There, the national team met on Monday in a hotel to drive together to the World Cup base . In the renovated Granja Comary they should concentrate on the World Cup. The big goal : the sixth world title.

The Camp Granja Comary , for many years the base Seleção , is nestled in the idyllic mountain landscape Teresópolis , about 90 kilometers from the hectic Rio and miles away from the problems of the country.

In many cities, Brazil’s resistance to the Copa , against the billions that put the State in accordance with requirements of Fifa in stages , instead of using them for the improvement of infrastructure , educational projects , or for the fight against poverty formed. Still there are 16 days until the opening game. The World Cup organizers hope that the mood in the country is finally rises and remove strikes, protests and negative headlines .

The safety of the teams is guaranteed in any case , President Dilma Rousseff had recently declared . ” If necessary ” troops would be mobilized. But the incident on the team bus should have not just increased confidence in the promises of the government.

2014 Brazil World Cup:”We are here to play football”


The competent security forces and ministries are trying to downplay the situation. There have been no problem, the players were at no time in danger, the bus had departed on time.

“Whether there has been a problem? Undoubtedly ,” said Paulo Storani , an anthropologist , who was himself earlier at a special unit of the military police , the Internet portal . There have been a number of errors: Both players , as well as protesters were in danger. The police had failed in their first big test .

The sociologist Ignácio Cano, who conducts research at the State University of Rio de Janeiro, said: “It is no use to seal off the stage by police to prevent demonstrations. ” The policy should seek dialogue with the malcontents . The success of the World Cup depended on the policy , not on the number of police officers on the street.

Coach Luiz Felipe Scolari and the Football Association CBF want on violence and security do not comment . At his first press conference in Granja Comary Scolari said : ” We are here to play football , the World Cup outside of the playing field is not our affair. “. Government and police would take care of the demonstrations. The task of the player is to play football . That had to explain to the population. The players were free but to express their personal opinion .

Watch Teacher attack Brazil World Cup team bus Video

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