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Hillary Clinton : Iran ‘s policy against Turkey becomes hostile

Iran Turkey War on Superiority in Middle East
Iran Turkey War on Superiority in Middle East

Turkey Iran Relations enter a phase, where it can be best described as tentative, following Turkey’s leadership role in the region and latest missile defence system crisis.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is also aware of the changing relationship between Iran and Turkey and has stated Iran is pursuing a hostile attitude against Turkey in foreign relations.

Iran Turkey War on Superiority in Middle East

The US Secretary of State said Iranians have their exclusive views about the world and their position in it and are ready to compete with every one to exercise influence. Hillary Clinton said Iran is in a constant rivalry with Turkey and Saudi Arabia and in a state of unending provocation. She added that Turkey is trying to be a good neighbour but noone is safe with Iran’s presence.

As the domestic political dynamics of a good part of the Middle East change, so is its international relations (IR) landscape.
This can be best exemplified by Turkey’s public relations (PR) machinery positioning it as the new face of the region.

Turkey and Iran : Sharing same agenda and priorities ?

After first being denied immediate membership in the European Union about a decade ago and then being reluctantly offered a chance to negotiate its accession in 2005, which is proceeding at snail’s pace, Turkey began to recalibrate its foreign policy to become an influential player in the Middle East.

Even on Iran, the fact that Ankara has endorsed a plan to host an American X-band radar system that is part of a NATO missile defence system, which Washington claims to protect against possible Iranian ballistic missile threat, is evidence of Turkey being a potential protector of Gulf interests, while remaining a potential mediator. In fact, the United States encouraged Turkish diplomatic involvement to calm the region as the rhetoric between the Gulf countries and Iran heightened over Bahrain in April.

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