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Infectius Disease Warning: Ebola suspected in men in Canada / North America Breaking News


In Canada, there may be a case of life-threatening infectious disease Ebola. A man who recently returned from West Africa is, with corresponding symptoms in a clinic in Saskatoon. An official confirmation is still pending.

When a man in Canada is the suspicion of an infection with the dangerous Ebola virus. A returned recently from the West African Liberia patient was very ill and , corresponding symptoms , said the Ministry of Health of the Western Canadian province of Saskatchewan . In Liberia there are several suspects in connection with an Ebola epidemic in neighboring Guinea.

The patient is reported to be treated in a hospital in Saskatoon. He had formerly worked professionally in Liberia , said Denise improvement, the deputy head of the health department of the province. His symptoms were similar to those of Ebola . The test results of blood samples that had been sent to a laboratory in Winnipeg would be expected for Tuesday.

According worker , the patient was isolated. Hospital employees who come in contact with him , wore masks and special protective clothing . His family befänden the time being in quarantine.

Canada Ebola Warning:Risk to the public “low”

The symptoms had occurred after the arrival of the man in Canada, workers added. Because of the incubation period, therefore, there is no likelihood that fellow passengers were infected on the plane. “During the incubation period, the people are not very contagious,” she said. In addition, the virus will only transmit the blood or other body fluids. The Ministry of Health of Saskatchewan described the risk for the population to be low.

In Guinea, West Africa of the pathogens killed in recent weeks, at least 59 people in total there were 87 suspected cases in the country. In addition, six suspected cases in neighboring Liberia were reported, five of which were fatal.

According to the Liberian Ministry of Health were the victims whose nationality was not given, came from the southern Guinea to be treated in hospitals in northern Liberia . A representative of the organization Doctors Without Borders said in Brussels that the people concerned were attended funerals in Guinea and returned it to Liberia. In the border area there are many family connections .

In Guinea , the Ebola epidemic did not spread , according to government data so far from the capital Conakry. Accordingly suspected cases have not been confirmed in tests . The first cases had occurred in late January in the southern forest areas of the country .

Infected suffer from high fever , vomiting and diarrhea , and internal bleeding and dehydration. In 25 to 90 percent of cases the disease is fatal , according to the World Health Organization , the mortality rate is dependent on the excitation line. To date, there is no vaccine or therapy against the virus.

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