Italian actress Sandra Milo is dead

Sandra Milo was one of the most popular faces in Italian cinema. Now the actress has died at the age of 90, her family announces.

Sandra Milo started her promising career as a model and later gained a foothold in film. She appeared in numerous productions, including several by the Italian director Federico Fellini. She achieved great fame with works such as “Eight and a Half” and “Julia and the Ghosts”. For the latter performance she was even awarded the Nastro d’Argento, an Italian prize. Now her family announced that Sandra Milo has died.

On the late actress’s Instagram page, her children shared the news that she died on Monday at the age of 90 surrounded by her loved ones. They also posted a photo of Sandra Milo in which she is smiling relaxed in a yellow dress. “Today at 8:25 a.m. our mother passed away. She left us peacefully and fell asleep in her bed, just as she had expressly wished.” They then asked Sandra Milo’s fans to pray for her and keep her in their thoughts.

“An icon of Italian cinema!”

In the comments section, countless admirers expressed their sadness and said goodbye to Sandra Milo. “We will miss you so much,” someone wrote. “What a shame. A woman I have always admired. I was very impressed by her life story. I send a lot of strength to the family,” read another comment.

“An icon of Italian cinema! What a great, professional and talented woman. She was an absolute legend. She will be greatly missed,” “This loss hurts me very much. I admired her very much. Hopefully she loses her beautiful smile in the Heaven not” or “You will live forever in our memories” can also be read.


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