Mbappe is leaving for Real Madrid at the end of the season

The back and forth about Kylian Mbappé seems to be over. The French world champion will leave his club Paris Saint-Germain in the summer, according to a report.

The future of top French striker Kylian Mbappé has apparently been clarified. As “Sport Bild” reports, the 25-year-old has decided to leave his long-time employer Paris Saint-Germain this summer. The attacker’s goal should also be clear.

Real Madrid has long been considered a potential buyer for Mbappé. And it should also be the “Royal” team that he wants to play for from July, it is said. He wants to win the Champions League in the Madrid jersey and also be crowned world footballer.

Mbappé demands an astronomical salary

In the past, a move from Mbappé to Madrid was repeatedly seen as the next step for the superstar. But the deal never materialized. The early climax of the transfer saga was 2022. A contract between Real Madrid and Mbappé is said to have already been negotiated. But PSG paid the player a sum of millions to persuade him to stay – with success.

Mbappé’s advisor is his mother Fayza Lamari. According to the report, his family in Paris is currently collecting 200 million euros including bonuses and commissions. That’s why Liverpool FC withdrew from the race for the Frenchman.

“Sport Bild” reports that Mbappé is demanding an annual salary of 70 million euros if he moves to Real. He will be free next summer. That’s why an unprecedented level of hand money is expected to flow. There is speculation about at least 100 million euros. There will also be a commission for the player’s mother. The total amount would then be 125 million euros.

The earnest money should then be paid out as a seasonal bonus over a contract term of five years. That means: Mbappé would collect another 25 million euros on top of his 70 million salary. That makes a total of 95 million euros per season and a total volume of around 475 million euros.

Real wants lower salary

According to the report, the hand money would probably not be a financial hurdle for Real Madrid. The salary is problematic. President Florentino Pérez only wants to pay half, i.e. 35 million euros gross per season. Financial fair play alone thwarts the Champions League record winner’s plans.

The deal could fail again. According to French reports, Paris is even prepared to offer 100 million euros in salary for Mbappé so that he can extend his contract again. He should already have a say in club decisions such as coaching changes in the current contract.

Shock for PSG: Mbappe wants to leave the club


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