Jennifer Lopez honestly: That’s why it didn’t work out with Ben the first time!

Jennifer Lopez (52) and Ben Affleck (49) provided the ultimate love surprise in July 2021!

The pop icon and the actor made their love comeback public about 18 years after their first relationship: the two had been a couple from 2002 to 2004, but ended their engagement at the time and went their separate ways. The two have since got engaged again. But why did J.Lo and Ben’s first relationship fall apart? Now the “Get Right” interpreter spoke plainly…

Jennifer now explained to Rolling Stone that the pressure the couple was exposed to at the time was the reason for the love-off. “It was brutal,” emphasized the musician, adding: “We were criticized a lot – and that ultimately destroyed our relationship from the inside out because we were just too young at the time to understand what the really important things in life are .” At that time, the couple was often the target of satirical shows and the like.

Nevertheless, J.Lo keeps good memories of the years together with her Ben. “It’s weird because Ben and I stuck together and we were so in love,” the 52-year-old recalled, gushed, “It was one of the happiest times of my life.” And the two are reviving this time at the moment…


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