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Amanda Knox speaks to Diane Sawyer in New York in this undated handout photo

The Italian Supreme Court has overturned the acquittal of Amanda Knox. The theory of runaway takes sex game again be examined. Since then, the 25-year-old has been put under constant observation.

Amanda Knox is crime, Amanda Knox is Money: To hardly a case this fuss was operated as to the murder she allegedly committed. In the meantime, it was a bit quiet around the 25-year-old. But since it is clear that the Act Meredith Kercher is not yet closed, the hype is growing again. Amanda Knox is under constant observation.

Still electrifies people around the world the story of the death of the semester: 2007 Italy, drugs, parties, sex. At the end of the British student Meredith Kercher is dead The body of 21-year-old gets naked and with her ​​throat cut in the shared apartment of her and found Knox in Perugia.

Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito were convicted of murder in Italy in 2009 to long prison terms – and 2011 acquitted. A part-confessed man from the just a African Ivory Coast against seated in prison.

However, Italy’s highest court lifted the end of March the acquittal of Knox and Sollecito again. In the 74-page verdict, which was unveiled this week, the judge explained that there had been on appeal “several examples of shortcomings, contradictions and clear logic flaws”. The judges of the lower court had underestimated the evidence against Knox and Sollecito. You’ve seen the evidence in the investigation individually, not capture the whole picture.

Meredith Kercher Murder:Theory of runaway sex game

According to a recent analysis there is thus evidence that the currently jailed Rudy Guede could not have committed the crime alone. “The possibility that Kercher was killed during a group sex game must re-examined,” it said Court of Cassation.

Since her acquittal, Amanda Knox moved back to her hometown of Seattle in the USA. The father of the killed Kercher complained that Knox had already attained celebrity status. Talk show appearances, interviews, biographies, film – so it can not be entirely dismissed that.

Recently published the “Daily Mirror” images that show Knox with her ex-boyfriend while walking in Manhattan. On some images they hug. The British media, who have a special interest in history because of the victim, immediately suspected a relationship romantic nature – and were outraged.

Knox and Sollecito and his friends were in regular contact, said a spokesman for the family. The background of the pictures he would not comment. It is natural that the two visit each other when they were in the same city.

The images will be created shortly after the Italian Supreme Court announced its justification for the repeal of acquittal. After repeating the theory that the murder was a result of runaway sexual games.

Amanda Knox Case:Campaign against “Foxy Knoxy” image

Of all the sex games. American media had given the 25-year-olds at the beginning of the case the nickname “Foxy Knoxy” – a word game that Knox characterized as scheming student.

The Knox family and their supporters had much trouble using it, get rid of that image again. It moved a veritable campaign, Knox portray themselves as innocent people who can now return to their normal lives in Seattle. And there is a young man from her hometown together.

The campaign culminated in the spring with its book publishing: “Time to be heard” in Knox protested her innocence as before. They also sold the story to U.S. talk shows. Allein für das Buch soll sie vier Millionen Dollar bekommen haben.

The new pronouncements of the Italian judicial counteract the PR campaign of Knox and her followers. In the Knox camp trying to downplay the reasoning of the Court. The prosecution had already dropped this allegation during the negotiation phase, said Anne Bremner, spokeswoman for the group Friends of Amanda Knox. There was no hair, no fibers, no fingerprints. “I thought that this is the weakest part of the evidence.”

Meredith Kercher Murder:Sollecito lack of financial resources for the process

Raffaele Sollecito Amanda Knox ex-Boyfriend suspect of Mredith Kercher murder
Raffaele Sollecito Amanda Knox ex-Boyfriend suspect of Mredith Kercher murder

Sex games go, hey sex games:Florence will be renegotiated next year, with new judges and perhaps a new result. The process will take years – and cost a lot of money on all sides.

Knox’s ex-boyfriend Sollecito seem to pose significant funding problems. He is asking for donations for the renegotiation of the Internet, the goal is $ 500,000. Whether the call actually comes from the 29-year-olds, however, is unconfirmed.

Even if Knox is found guilty: Among legal experts, there are different opinions about the likelihood that they will go to jail. This would require the United States to extradite the 25-year-old Italy. Although there is an extradition treaty between the countries. However, the Americans may refuse extradition if the judgment speaks against their constitution.

According to U.S. law, a person who has been convicted once for a thing not be condemned again. On the other hand, the case would then be discussed at the highest level, perform a non-extradition to diplomatic tensions. And murder is a serious crime in both countries.

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