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Judgment in Turkey: Life sentence for former President Kenan Evren / Breaking News


For nine years, was Kenan Evren head of state of Turkey. Now the leader of the military coup of 1980 has been sentenced to life imprisonment. In prison he does not well anyway.

The leaders of the last military coup in Turkey in 1980 have been sentenced to life imprisonment. A court in Ankara ordered the now 96-year-old Putschistenführer and later President Kenan Evren and Tahsin the 89-year-old Exluftwaffenchef Sahinkaya. Given the advanced age of the accused, it is unlikely that they will actually go to jail.

The indictment accused the two former army chiefs before the overthrow of the constitutional order. Under Evrens command the military had seized power on 12 September 1980 were preceded by civil war-like conflict between left and right-wing groups in Turkey. According to victims’ associations around 650,000 people were under the military government arrested some 250,000 came to court, several hundred people were executed or died as a result of torture. Tens of thousands of government opponents were expatriated and fled abroad.

Judgment in Turkey:Kenan Evren was in the process unapologetic

In 1982, the military had the power off again. However, Evren itself was still president until 1989. The prosecution of the coup was made possible by the abolition of immunity control in a referendum in 2010. The trial against Evren and Sahinkaya began two years later.

Due to the poor health of the defendants negotiated the court in the absence of the accused. Your testimonies they gave by video switching from a hospital bed on record. Evren described the coup as a necessary step in the process, he would take over again under the same conditions. The military was forced to intervene because of incompetent politicians. The generals would have ended years of chaos and saved the country after the Iranian model in front of an Islamic revolution.

Overall, the Turkish military staged a coup against civilian governments three times – 1960, 1971 and 1980 In 1997, the army forced the first led by Islamist government in Ankara by the threat of a coup to resign..

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