Kerry Miller Scandal:Mature Blonde bombshell having sex with Burton Albion team, Photos / UK News


46-year-old sexy mature Kerry Miller while working at the club Burton Albion had sex with the entire team.(Photos)

Kerry Miller was fired by the company’s top football conference league English, Burton Albion, on suspicion of having entered several times in the locker room while the players were changing. The court in Burton Upon Trent, the city in which the English team, Kerry asks for reinstatement and accuses the company of sex discrimination.

Miller, until last year worked in the marketing department at the stadium and was accused of being entered into the locker room at least 15 times. The woman would also have offered food to the players.


The 46-year-old is claiming constructive dismissal after quitting over a row with the League 2 club’s chairman Ben Robinson last year.

She says she was a victim of sexual discrimination and harassment – but Mr Robinson said it was she who hassled his players.

They would joke when they were showering that she would come in at ‘any minute’, the tribunal in Leicester heard.

Widowed Ms Miller, of Marchington, Staffordshire, admitted sending snaps to Billy Kee, 23.

She asked him to delete them but instead he showed teammates, she told the tribunal.


e learned of the photos after two players – striker Calvin Zola, 31, who now plays for Aberdeen, and defender Zander Diamond, 28 – complained about her barging in on players in September 2012.

Mr Robinson said: ‘The complaint was about Kerry’s conduct with regards to the number of times she was coming into the players’ dressing room while they were taking showers and partially dressed.

‘The players as a group would joke that any minute now Kerry would walk through the doors,’ he said.


The widow admitted sending  ‘private’ pictures to 23-year-old striker Billy Kee, who then showed them to his team-mates.

She told the panel: ‘The Billy Kee incident was an isolated mistake and I held my hands up and said I made a mistake.

‘I asked him to delete the photos and he said he would, but instead showed them to other players. He is not the brightest boy in the world and I wanted him to do what I asked [by deleting the photos], I didn’t want people knowing he had photos of me. I told him it could cost me my job.’


This behavior would have forced the club president Ben Robinson to ask the woman to stop offering this service, requiring it to “‘concentrate on his work.”

Kerry Miller, originally from Marchington Staffordshire, during the first hearing, which took place at this time rejected the accusations, explaining that it has entered into the locker room only on four occasions always knocking on the door before entering. The woman has been accused of “deceit” his former employer and asked to be summarized. The process for establishing the correctness or otherwise of the dismissal, will continue for the next five days.


The news publishes the Daily Mail did not specify what they meant but they continued meddling in the locker room. The president feared that the girl, thanks to her good looks, could have affected the performance of the players on the field?

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