King Charles and Camilla are not moving into Buckingham Palace

Since Saturday Charles is officially king. / King Charles and Camilla are not moving into Buckingham Palace

The members of the royal family were united in Balmoral and in front of Windsor Castle. All details in the newsblog. / Charles and Camilla are not moving into Buckingham Palace

Here you will find all information after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, all developments and happenings in London and the world.

King Charles III and Camilla remain at Clarence House

King Charles III and his wife will not move into the royal palace for the time being. Reason: Major renovations are currently being carried out at Buckingham Palace, the British news agency PA reported on Monday.

Charles, as heir to the throne, moved into Clarence House, built in 1825 and part of the royal St. James Palace, in 2003. The couple reportedly love the building and had it remodeled to their liking after moving in. It is still unclear when construction work on Buckingham Palace, which began in 2020, will be completed.

The palace in the City of Westminster is the official residence of British monarchs. One of London’s top tourist attractions, the massive building has 775 rooms including 19 state rooms, 52 bedrooms for the royal family and guests, 78 bathrooms and 92 offices. According to various media reports, the conversion will cost more than 400 million euros.

Queen’s funeral: Joe Biden can only bring his wife Jill

6:33 a.m .: Buckingham Palace invited US President Joe Biden to the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. However, he should arrive without a delegation. The royal family issued a “special invitation only for the president and first lady,” reports CNN, citing a White House official. The background is the lack of space at the ceremony.

The White House confirmed on Sunday that Biden would officially accept the invitation and would be accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden. The state funeral for the Queen, who died on September 8th, will take place on September 19th in London’s Westminster Abbey.

Antigua and Barbuda to become a republic

3:44 p.m .: Until her death, Queen Elizabeth II was the head of state of Antigua and Barbuda. According to Prime Minister Gaston Browne, the Caribbean island state should now finally become independent. Read more about this here.

Scotland sends “Destiny Stone” to London for Charles’ coronation

3.15 p.m .: A 150 kilogram legendary stone is said to have been used at the coronation of King Charles III. come into use again. It is known as the “Destiny Stone” or Stone of Scone, named after a small Scottish town. Scotland will loan the stone to London for the coronation, a spokeswoman for Scotland’s Historic Places Society confirmed on Sunday.

After a battle won in 1296, the English stole the rectangular sandstone, measuring around 66 by 28 centimetres, and brought it to London. It remained there for 700 years, with one brief interruption, until the English handed it back to Scotland in a ceremony in 1996. It has since been on display at Edinburgh Castle.

Up until 1292, the stone was an important symbol at the coronation ceremonies of Scottish kings. In London it lay under the coronation throne for hundreds of years, even when the late Queen Elizabeth II sat on it in 1953. In 1950, students stole the stone from Westminster Abbey in London. It was found months later in a medieval church in Scotland and brought back.

Charles III proclaimed king in Scotland

1:40 p.m .: After his proclamation in London on Saturday, Charles III. also proclaimed king in Scotland. The so-called Lord Lyon Kings of Arms read the proclamation in Edinburgh to the Scottish people. He then declared, “God save the king,” followed by several gun salutes. Regional proclamation ceremonies were also held in Cardiff, Wales, and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Princess Anne accompanies coffin to Edinburgh

12.10 p.m .: Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin has left Balmoral Castle and is on its way to the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. Princess Anne is also traveling with her. The 72-year-old sits in the back seat of the maroon Bentley sedan driving behind the hearse (read more about the Queen’s royal luxury car here). Hundreds have gathered along the route to express their sadness at the death of the monarch.

Princess Anne should also accompany her mother on her way from Edinburgh to London. The late Queen’s only daughter will make the celebratory journey by plane on Tuesday, the palace confirmed, according to the British Telegraph.

King Charles’ fingers are a mystery
The Queen’s coffin arrived in Edinburgh

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