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Libya Blockade: Gunmen surround Foreign Ministry with heavy weapons / Africa News

libya blockadeLocal reporters in the Libyan capital has said that gunmen has surrendered the Foreign Ministry with heavy weapons including anti-air craft guns demanding an end to work given to Gaddafi officials.

Eye witnesses confirmed that dozens of the armed men stopped workers entering the building and moved traffic away from the area making the area very chaotic.

The Lana News Agency reported that Roads leading to the building in the capital, Tripoli, were obstructed by at least 20 vehicles, as militiamen carrying AK-47 rifles and anti-air craft gun moved into the area causing heavy traffic.

Heavy explosion hit the French Embassy last week in an attack that injured 2 French security guards who were on duty and caused destructions to the embassy building and its surrounding.

Libyan official have not been able to retrieve weapons given to the rebels who fought alongside NATO to overthrow Gaddafi.

Law makers in the country have been unable to agree on the terms of a law barring figures from the late Gaddafi’s government from entering politics and has culminated in armed groups have been storming the Congress grounds on several occasions to demand that elements in the Gaddafi administration be banned from politics in Libya.

The Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, addressed a news conference moment after the blockade of the Foreign Ministry and urged Libyans to back their government in the face of what he described as “people who want to destabilize the country”.

He also complained of other attacks and “acts of sabotage”, carried out by separate groups, against the interior ministry and national TV headquarters.

But the Lana news agency says the action at the interior ministry was not linked to the events outside the foreign ministry.

The armed men went there to demand that officials in the Gaddafi administration be removed from all positions in the country, according to the Lana News Agency.

Since the death of Gaddafi, major cities and towns including the capital Tripoli have been plagued by violence and infighting.

The government has recently tried to dismantle illegally-armed militias that formed during and after the war that toppled the former leader but to no avail.

Many people believe that the current officials of the country are gradually loosing their authority on the country and is likely that the country will soon turn into a hub for armed groups in the Maghreb.

An attack on the US consulate in the eastern city of Benghazi by armed men in September 2012 led to the killing of the US Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other American officials and coupled with the French Embassy explosion last week makes the security of the country questionable to many in Africa.

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