Madonna Confession from Al Pacino

Two world-famous stars are on the agenda with a confession that came years later... Al Pacino claims that Madonna ran her tongue around his ear after a dinner in the 70s.

Al Pacino, who has a worldwide fan base with the movie The Godfather, is on the agenda with his confession about Madonna, who took the music world by storm.

Allegedly; The star of the movie The Godfather, who is now 83 years old, claims that Madonna slid her tongue into his ear while he was having dinner with a group of friends, including the famous singer. It is stated that the incident took place between 1978 and 1979.

At the time, the daughter of Al Pacino’s friend Ed Setrakian was Madonna’s roommate, and Al told Setrakian, “Your daughter’s friend stuck her tongue in my ear. On the way home, she bent down and stuck her tongue in my ear!” says.

The pop legend was not yet famous at the time, but Al Pacino had already solidified his place in Hollywood by starring in The Godfather movies.

Years after this incident, the duo starred together in the movie Dick Tracy in 1990, when Madonna was at the peak of her fame. However, it is known that Madonna had a short-term love affair with the star of the movie, Warren Beatty.

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