Manchester Sex Assault Suicide:Police defend its care of Francis Andrade / UK Breaking News

Greater Manchester Police has defended its care of Frances Andrade, who killed herself after giving evidence against her abusers.

The violin teacher’s testimony was central to the case against choirmaster Michael Brewer and his ex-wife Kay, who were found guilty of sexually assaulting their victim more than 30 years ago.

In a statement released after the verdicts, Mrs Andrade’s son Oliver said his mother had praised an officer assigned to look after her, but that police had “heavily advised” her not to receive therapy until the end of the case.

He said: “She was forced to cope on her own with only the support of her family and very close friends.

“This meant that even after several attempts at her own life she did not get the help she needed. The state of mental healthcare in this country needs reform.”

Greater Manchester Police say it is the force’s policy to encourage victims to seek support.

GMP’s head of public protection Detective Chief Superintendent Mary Doyle said: “I would firstly like to extend my sympathies to the family of Frances Andrade.

“Our thoughts remain with them at this desperately difficult time and it is tragic she is not able to see she has been vindicated for the bravery she consistently showed throughout the investigation.

“I want to make it clear that it is Greater Manchester Police’s policy and practice to encourage victims to seek whatever support they need.

“The advice to Frances not to seek support may have been given by another party but it was not the advice of Greater Manchester Police. Victims who have suffered sexual abuse have every right to seek whatever help they need.

“As Frances’ son Oliver said in his very moving statement, the GMP officer who was assigned the case did everything he could to help Frances.”

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