Maria Wedig has become a mother again

GZSZ star Maria Wedig gave birth to her second child.

Maria Wedig had never officially announced the pregnancy, but loyal GZSZ fans had been rumored for a long time that she had to be in different circumstances again.

Loose clothes, thick coats and always a bag in front of her stomach – for a long time Maria Wedig, 39, was able to hide her pregnancy in “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”. But in the last few days it really didn’t work anymore. Yet! The 39-year-old kept the good news secret until the end. All the more surprising that her second child has already seen the light of day. In a sweet Instagram post, she makes the birth of her child public. On May 30, 2023, she became a mother for the second time.

GZSZ star Maria Wedig is happy about the second child

The GZSZ actress keeps sharing private insights on Instagram, for example when renovating, snacking or sunbathing. Striking: In the last few posts, she was only ever seen up to her chest. She hid her midsection. As it turns out, she did this quite consciously.

Then, on June 6, 2023, the post everyone was waiting for: Maria Wedig became a mom for the second time. Appropriately, a camera roll (gallery app) can be seen in the picture that the GZSZ actress shares with her followers. The working title: “New to the Crew” (dt: “New in the team”). The directors of the scene: Sven and Maria Wedig. Camera girl: her first daughter Leni. The 39-year-old leaves it open whether it is a new citizen of the earth or a new citizen of the world.

GZSZ fans have been speculating for a long time

The ever-rounder stomach had been clearly visible under her clothes in the last few weeks. The GSZS costume designers still tried to hide the curve with accessories such as scarves and bags or with loose clothing, but at some point the viewers noticed that the extra kilos cannot come from pure enjoyment. Speculative comments from her followers quickly accumulated under Maria’s postings.

“How she still hides her stomach…even though everyone has already checked it out,” wrote one. Others urged caution. Rightly so. After all, the question of an existing pregnancy is quite delicate. “How everyone takes the right to write something about the possible pregnancy! Have you ever thought that she decides when and if she expresses herself? Pretty invasive, and that of women …” comments a user.

Now the speculation is over: Maria Wedig has become a mother for the second time and her first daughter Leni has become a big sister.

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