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Mein Camp! Hitler’s Nazi Holiday Resort to turn into luxury hotel

Will Prora welcome its guests with haunted Nazi hotel image ?
Will Prora welcome its guests with haunted Nazi hotel image ?

An investor purchased the largest holiday camp ever constructed by Hitler ‘s Nazis in the pre-war era for £ 2.2 Mil to turn it into luxury resort.

Block One of the Colossus of Prora – constructed by Hitler in the 1930s along the lines of Butlins in the UK – will be converted into a 400-bed luxury resort and 400 apartments.

German dictator Adolf Hitler’s Nazi holiday resort, which spans nearly three miles along the coast of the Baltic island of Ruegen, will soon be converted into a 400-bed luxury hotel resort and 400 apartments.

The ancient building, the single-biggest sold in post-war Germany, had a reserve price of £700,000, but telephone bidding at a Berlin auction last Saturday sent the price jumping.

Prora was constructed on the Baltic island of Ruegen by the Hitler’s stormtroopers of the Nazi ‘Strength Through Joy’ leisure organisation over a six-year stretch and occupies nearly three miles of beachside.

Will Prora welcome its guests with haunted Nazi hotel image ?

At a staggering 4,5 km in length, Prora is a former holiday camp built from 1936 to 1939 by the Nazis. The structure is located on the Island of Rügen, just north of the German mainland in the Baltic Sea. Designed by Hitler-appointed architect Clemens Klotz, this massive outlay of concrete was meant to host 20,000 people for a strictly controlled vacation. But war interrupted construction in 1939.

The last rooms of the “Butlins-of-the-dark-side” were finished just as World War Two broke out in 1939 and Prora was left empty, the greatest white elephant of all time. It was occupied after 1945 by the Red Army and became a secret base.

After German reunification in 1990, all the buildings in the Prora were given listed status and a very few have been transformed into holiday flats.

After the auction, investment in the remaining miles of accommodation is expected to rise until all are given a makeover.

Initial fears that neo-Nazis would buy into the blocks have proved unfounded. So far, there are a few luxury flats and a youth hostel in the buildings at the site 120 miles from Berlin.

A museum at the site chronicles the history of Prora which, aside from the building of the Nazi Atlantic Wall of coastal fortifications stretching from Norway to the border of Spain – intended to thwart any Allied landings in occupied Europe – was Nazi leader Hitler’s most grandious construction project.

The Nazis and their Führer viewed leisure as just one more aspect of human activity to be governed by the National Socialist party.

Prora was destined to be the forerunner of a string of such giant camps whose plans were shelved due to the war Hitler unleashed on the globe.

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