Meredith Kercher Murder:Amanda Knox will not be back for retrial Italy / Breaking News


Amanda Knox guilty ! Americans trying to protect a potential killer because of shes US citizen what about Meredith Kercher rights ? / Breaking News

Michael Heavey, a Superior Court judge in Knox’s home state of Washington, says he is disappointed but not surprised that the Italian Supreme Court has ordered a retrial for her and former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito.

The couple were released by an appeals court 18 months ago after it found fault with their convictions for murdering the British exchange student Meredith Kercher at thehome she and Amanda Knox shared in Perugia in 2007.

Judge Heavey, who attracted criticism for writing to the Italian authorities about the case while still serving in his role in the US, says he remains convinced the couple are innocent and that the prosecution case is flawed.

When asked if Knox might return to Italy for any part of the new proceedings, he said: “She may. The intelligentsia of Italy knows she is absolutely innocent.

“But a good proportion of the population, because of what’s called confirmation bias, what they’ve been told so many times, they can’t tell you why, but they think she’s guilty and that is not a healthy climate for her to be in.”

He said he would not criticise the Italian judicial system – and that the US has its own examples of such mistakes being made – but added that he believed the case was set to drag on for years.

Meredith-Kercher-Murder-Retrial-Amanda-KnoxHe said: “It is terribly disappointing. You just feel like you have been kicked in the stomach. My heart goes out to Amanda and Raffaele and their families for what they’re going to have to go through. The nightmare continues.”

No-one in the Knox camp has commented on whether she plans to return to Italy for the retrial. If she were to be convicted and that conviction upheld, Italy could seek her extradition from the United States.

One of Amanda Knox lawyer in Italy has said he does not believe she will attend the trial, which is her right under Italian law.

Since the Supreme Court announcement, Amanda Knox has been keeping a low profile in her home city of Seattle. Members of her family politely told reporters outside their home in the Arbor Heights suburb they would not be commenting on the developments.

The 25-year-old has returned to complete her studies at the University of Washington and it is reported she plans to go ahead with a television interview next month to promote a book about the case.

Five thousand miles away from Seattle, a woman claiming to be the new girlfriend of Sollecito told reporters at his apartment that the couple planned to move to Switzerland. She confirmed that he and Knox had spoken to each other about the Supreme Court decision.

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