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Muslüm Gulhan: Spain played with a wrong squad and system!

müslüm gülhanNationalTurk commenter and Halic University Physical Training and Sport Department Head Müslüm Gülhan analyzed World Cup for NationalTurk.

1. Spain said farewell to World Cup after the defeat against Chile. What do you want to say about this match and Spain? Del Bosque is in the middle of the criticism after the match. Particularly he is criticized due to his choices of players and his system.

The most important problem was the repeating system. He did not have an alternative system and any rival team may take precautions against this system. While having several different players, playing with the known system may be comfortable but everyone knows that! Costa was playing in the first 11 despite of the protests in Brazil created a negative atmosphere.

After Puyol, there is no alternatively brilliant player in the position and the deficiencies in the defense created problems. Casillas has been unsuccessful for two years and became extremely sensitive. This was the beginning of the end.

Del Bosque sought for the goal in the middle organization and did not think about using an alternative striker. Rival teams used this deficiency.

They could not stop three players in Holland match : Sneijder, Van Persi and Robben. They destroyed the balance of Pique and Ramos in the beginning.

Chile played against Spain appropriate to their system and won the match. Spain played with wrong squad and system. Trying to make the match stable instead of trying to win became a disaster. Maybe the team could play with two strikers and sought for a goal in the middle position.

2. Considering the host of World Cup, Brazil began with the win against Crotia and draw with Mexico. How can you evaluate the atmosphere of Brazil with these two matches and the atmosphere of Brazil?

Firstly, I would like to say that I support the protests! It is ridiculous to mortgage the country in order to entertain the world. World Cup is important for sure but its budget causes collapses in the economies of nations. Brazil becomes successful when they create a squad with players playing in Europe. Now the system is used. Neymar is great and begins to show his ability. Oscar, Cesar and David Luis are effective. If they had a leader player, Neymar could be more successful. Now that responsibility becomes Neymar’s as well. Fred is their dead end now.

3.United States has improved the football team recently, particularly the footballers playing in Europe such as Michal Bradley, Jose Altidore, Jermei Jones. They defeated Gana in the first match (2-1). How can you evaluate United States team in terms of its continent. Do Latin culture and continent have affected this improvement

USA reviews the science of exercise and their tempo and strength is in high level. But they do not sacrifice their Anglo-Saxon traditions like England. If they are interested in Latin origin citizens, they can be more successful. In my own research, USA’s young players are mostly Latin origin and it is great for future generations in football.

4. We witnessed that Mexico with stars such as Dos Santos, Hernandes challenged against Brazil successfully. With the brilliance of goalkeeper Ochoa, how can you evaluate the improvement of football in Mexico?

I believe that they became champion after the win of Brazil in London Olympics. The squads were almost same because Brazil took the first step of current World Cup in those days.
Mexico has its unique system. They have obvious tempo instead of Latin system. The system giving importance to team defense has distributed them a lot.

5. England could not begin after their hearts and have been criticized a lot. How can you evaluate England?
England should ignore their traditions of Anglo-Saxon like USA. They try to assimilate even black players. Only Rooney tries to make different things but he is the only one.

England should ignore their traditions of Anglo-Saxon like USA. They try to assimilate even black players. Only Rooney tries to make different things but he is the only one.

6. Italy and France gained 3 points without sacrificing their football systems. Particularly Italian coach Cesare Prandelli was appreciated. Besides, Balotelli ornamented his high level of performance with a goal. In France, Benzema scored as well. How can you evaluate these two European teams?

Italy played with different systems in two matches. The first system resulted defeat due to getting stuck in the middle area. They made the same mistake with Spain.He changed goalkeepers not necessarily. It was a wrong step for Prandelli.

France may be the most interesting team in the World Cup with a new system and dynamic play.
In U20 World Cup, I watched several players that are playing now in National Team. It shows the ability of the team. The majority of black players contribute to the squad.

7.Spain was defeated with 5 goals against Holland. There is a great league of La Liga and nobody expected this score before the match. It was like a revenge of 2010 World Cup. How can you evaluate Spain and Holland?

First of all, in my opinion the hero of the match was Van Gaal. The skills of three players became successful in two matches and even though he has a limited squad with young players, they could win against Spain with different squad.

8. How can you evaluate generally the atmosphere of Brazil?

Football might be discovered by English people but the hometown is probably Brazil.


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