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New Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu: “Our field is the world” / Turkey Breaking News


The future Turkish President Erdogan has appointed his successor as prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu, yet hapless foreign minister. The restrained professor is considered a loyal follower of his predecessor and advocate of the policy.

You are in the images search on Google the name Ahmet Davutoglu, you will find hundreds of photos that show a man with a mustache, in a dark suit and almost always with a tie. Usually he smiles, a friendly, unobtrusive middle-aged gentleman.

With its durable nature Davutoglu has come a long way. Five years was the 55-year-old foreign minister of Turkey. Now it has yet Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who was recently elected president, chosen as successor. That gave Erdogan on Thursday night announced. Davutoglu takes from him his position as party leader of the AKP – may not belong to more than Erdogan party.

It is an amazing career for a man who once aspired to a life as a scientist. Ahmet Davutoglu was born in 1959 in the Central Anatolian Konya’s mountain village Taskent. He attended the elite school Erkek Lisesi Istanbul, where is taught in German. Davutoglu speaks fluent German, therefore, what he does in the public reluctant shows. He also dominated the Arab and English, is considered to be intelligent and extremely hardworking. He studied Politikwissenschaftund Economics, worked as an assistant professor in the Malaysian Kuala Lumpur and later at various universities in Istanbul. He is the father of four children.

Even in the 2011 election campaign Davutoglu said that he could get used to some difficult things in life a politician. As he traveled through his home province of Konya, he pointed to the many posters with his likeness. “I see myself everywhere now,” he told the “New York Times”. He did, of academics to this lifestyle not desired. “There is no time to read, to think, to write, to learn, to think and to be alone.”

New Turkish Prime Minister Davutoglu:Turkish Foreign policy has failed with Ahmet Davutoglu

In future he will have even less time for these things, especially since he has to get as head of government foreign policy problems under control, he has to answer as Foreign Minister. A “zero problems with neighbors” policy had proclaimed Davutoglu. In fact, the opposite has occurred, relations with neighboring states in his tenure have deteriorated, particularly to Syria. A low point was eavesdropping on him, came out through that Turkey was looking for a reason for war with Syria and even wanted to feign an attack of the neighboring country.

But Davutoglu survived such crises relatively unscathed. He is loyal, has now brought him to the forefront of the government. 2002 had him by the outgoing President Abdullah Gül, Prime Minister at that time, brought as a foreign policy adviser. When Erdogan a year later Prime Minister was, he took Davutoglu. In 2009, he made ​​him as a result of a larger reshuffle as Foreign Minister.

Davutoglu has implemented what Erdogan imagined: comprehensive reforms to democratize the one hand, to closer to Turkey the EU; other hand, a move to Asia, to the Islamic countries. Even as a political science professor in Istanbul, Davutoglu had written in his book “Strategic Depth” as a successful political life in Turkey presents: You must follow internationally much stronger own interests and not “global standards”. Was meant Ankara should not bow to Western interests, but to align its policies more closely to the Islamic countries in the region.

Because Turkey is geographically, economically and militarily much stronger than all neighboring states, so Davutoglu’s conviction. Therefore, they must play a more important role in shaping the Middle East. Was to be one of the most politically influential countries in the world target. “Our field is the world,” he once said. At the national conscious Turks comes to something good.

New Turkish Prime MinisterAhmet Davutoglu:”Ambitions of Rolls-Royce, means of Rover”

Opponents as abroad in Germany Davutoglu throw against “neo-Ottoman” dreams before. A former U.S. ambassador in Ankara wrote a post on WikiLeaks dispatch According to Turkish foreign policy had “the ambitions of Rolls-Royce, but the means of Rover”.

In addition, critics say, arrange Davutoglu, Erdogan as. Erdogan himself has made it clear to want to get involved in politics break with the tradition of the President and representative. His plan is to modify the constitution accordingly. One commentator of the newspaper “Hürriyet” Davutoglu recently called the “Ottoman Medvedev”, in reference to the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, President Vladimir Putin assured the power in a similar manner.

Davutoglu has these accusations always of itself. There is not going to him to power politics. Anchor Turkey is NATO, which is the integration into the West. And still aspire one on EU membership. Much, however, suggests that Turkey, given the often dismissive attitude of the major EU countries such as Germany and France tried to keep open options other than the West.

For years, the growing trade with the Arab states and Iran. The crisis-ridden neighboring Iraq has become one of the most important export markets for Turkey. Davutoglu stressed he wanted a “total economic integration” with the Kurdish populated northern Iraq. Moreover, Ankara is trying to improve its relations with Latin America and

Africa. The tourism from non-European countries in Turkey is growing strongly – particularly from the Arab world and from Russia.

The problem for the AKP in the upcoming parliamentary and government elections by the summer of 2015 could be that the quiet, restrained Davutoglu is not a gifted speaker. “He can not inspire the masses as Erdogan, he’s just an intellectual,” says an internal party critics. Others refer to him as “technocrats” and “public servants, not politicians,” the “professed the Oral” anhafte.

Should he take as the leading candidate in 2015, he is likely to choose according to current estimates still win. The opposition is divided, it lacks personnel who convinced voters. Even for the less charismatic Davutoglu it is therefore likely to be an easy game.

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