Newcastle ask FA to punish City’s Nigel de Jong after Ben Arfa leg break

Newcastle United have asked for the FA (Football Association) to take tough action against Nigel de Jong after his challenge on Hatem Ben Arfa left the Frenchman of Tunisian decent with a double break at the weekend.

Video Manchester City’s Nigel de Jong breaks the leg of Newcastle United’s Ben Arfa

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The horror challenge by Manchester City defensive midfielder Nigel de Jong left Ben Arfa with a broken tibia and fibula bone on his left leg.

Ben Arfa being stretchered off after breaking both bone on his left leg during Sunday's Premier League clash with Manchester City.

What made the challenge worse was that the referee did not even call for a freekick or give any card to de Jong because he got a touch of the ball during the scissor tackle that left the 23-year-old on the floor in agony.

On a statement by Newcastle to their fans and the media it wrote “Newcastle United have today written a strongly worded letter to the Football Association in relation to the tackle by Manchester City’s Nigel de Jong on Hatem Ben Arfa in Sunday’s Premier League fixture, which resulted in Ben Arfa sustaining a broken tibia and fibula of his left leg.

“The club has asked the FA for the appropriate action to be taken against De Jong for the tackle which, in the club’s, opinion was unnecessary and used excessive force.”

The Newcastle website has also announced that Ben Arfa has undergone surgery on his left leg on Monday and is currently recovering.

The 23-year-old winger is expected to be going home on Thursday and has been delighted with the flood of get well cards he has been receiving.

Ben Arfa said: “I would like to thank all the Newcastle fans from the bottom of my heart for their fantastic messages of support and encouragement.

“The club are sending lots of messages through to me. I’m told they are arriving in their hundreds and that’s really overwhelming. It’s cheered me up no end and makes me feel really humble and honoured that the fans are showing such support for me.

“All I can say is a huge thank you to each and every one of them and I will relish the day that I’m able to pull on a black and white shirt again.”

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