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“Every morning I wake up and pray for them”: The murder accused Oscar Pistorius speaks highly emotional on the witness stand on the night in which he shot his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Oscar Pistorius, accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, has apologized in court for his victim’s family. “I just wanted to protect her,” he said tearfully on the witness stand. He had delivered through the toilet door in the early morning of Valentine’s Day 2013 at his home in Pretoria four shots in his defense. He was convinced that he so protect against an intruder.

In order for the Paralympics Star remains in the previous presentation , he had Steenkamp accidentally shot . The 27- year-old must stand trial for the murder of model since early March. Eagerly his statement had been expected . Pistorius ‘ survey considered a central part of the strategy of his lawyers – he is the only eyewitness to the crime .

He had ” horrible nightmares ” Pistorius said in court now . There was no moment since the ” tragedy ” in which he did not think of Steenkamp and her family . “Every morning I wake up and pray first thing for them.” Stuttering and visibly upset , he assured Steenkamp had ” felt very loved ” before her death.

If Pistorius is found guilty of murder , he faces 25 years in prison. Originally, the court had 13 days of hearings in Pretoria until 20 March set , now is the trial of the seven-time Paralympic winner at least until 16 May continued.

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