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Physician shortage: Turkey recruits doctors from Greece / Breaking News


Turkey needs more well trained doctors, as the country itself produces and has found a way to meet the demand. The country promotes from physicians from the crisis-ridden Greece now supposedly learn about a thousand Greek physicians Turkish.

Turkey wants to rely on doctors from the troubled neighbor Greece to meet its growing need for medical professionals. Currently, about a thousand doctors in Greece learned the Turkish language , Health Minister Mehmet Müezzinoglu said on Wednesday , as the Turkish news agency Anadolu reported . While the doctors could not find work in their home , they were badly needed in Turkey , the minister said. According to him, currently are 160 hospitals in Turkey under construction ; hundred more are in the pipeline.

Greece and Turkey were enemies long , but have moved closer politically in the past decade . The severe economic crisis in Greece had recently moved several thousand Greeks to seek in a strong economic boom benefiting Turkey work. Academics such as university lecturers and professors are looking for jobs in Turkey , said Health Minister Müezzinoglu .

In the ongoing budget dispute with the Greek government , the Troika international creditors , meanwhile, has exacerbated the tone: “If there is no clear progress is also no money flow ,” said a senior official of the euro zone in Brussels. Grants give it only if certain milestones were reached . The troika of the EU Commission, the European Central Bank ( ECB) and International Monetary Fund (IMF ) argue with the Athens government a loss of two billion euros in Greek budget for 2014.

Representatives of donors regularly check whether Greece has met the conditions of the bailout and austerity whether another loan tranche can be released. The test was interrupted because of the budget dispute and on 4 November has been resumed. But since the talks at an impasse . The Troika representatives and the government in Athens argue especially about the future state of three companies with a total of 2100 employees who make every year around 150 million euro loss.

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