Prince William: That’s why he wasn’t at Kate’s side during the video statement

When Catherine, Princess of Wales revealed her devastating cancer diagnosis to the world last Friday, she did so alone - without Prince William by her side.

His absence was irritating. But Kate had apparently consciously chosen to go it alone.

When Kensington Palace went public with a video of Catherine, Princess of Wales, 42, at exactly 6 p.m. British time on March 22, 2024, observers of the British royal family held their breath. A message from the royal that has been in the headlines in the past few weeks since her operation in January. Kate’s withdrawal had sparked the wildest speculation and even fueled conspiracy theories. Suddenly she spoke out to the world – alone, without her husband by her side. And her message left people stunned.

Prince William’s absence caused irritation

Catherine presented herself as Kate – pure, vulnerable. The Royal decided against a highly official environment. Instead, she sat on a garden bench, dressed in jeans and a striped shirt. All around them the blooming spring life. But her well-chosen words, which were initially delivered in a firm voice, suddenly made the picturesque scenery appear in a new light. Catherine has cancer – and she needs to share it with the world. Brave, real, unvarnished – and without emotional support in front of the camera.

Where was William at that moment? A question on many people’s minds after watching Kate’s moving revelation. Shouldn’t he have had her back at that moment, been with her – as a soul mate and most important support? A palace source provides insight into Catherine’s decision not to appear with her husband: “This was her as a strong woman sending a strong message to the nation. She didn’t need anyone sitting next to her,” the insider told The Times.

Kate sets the narrative

And Kate leaves no doubt in her message: the man she has loved for so long, with whom she has three wonderful children, is her rock. “Having William by my side is a great source of comfort and reassurance,” she assured.

Catherine signals courage and strength with her video statement, which may seem lonely but is actually independent and of her own choosing. She is not just the woman at the side of the heir to the British throne. She is Kate, who – like many other sufferers – now has to focus primarily on herself. It’s her fight, her decision, how transparently she wants to deal with it. The Royal is fully aware that even in this dark phase of her life as a member of the Royal Family, she is not allowed to completely indulge in privacy. But she wants to set the narrative – and it is her right.

William understood that. One can imagine that he certainly did not want to leave his beloved wife alone in this moment of publicly exposed vulnerability. However, it speaks to his sensitivity that he gave her the space to shape her revelation according to her wishes. “He supported her and the family in the background,” they say.

Nothing but the truth

During this time, the Princess of Wales is faced with a frightening diagnosis. But how she deals with it is something she can’t take away from her hands. Her statement comes from her own pen. Authentic, controlled – despite its disturbing content.

How deeply shaken King Charles’s daughter-in-law, 75, is inside can be seen in nuances. Here Catherine presents herself, the former girl from a middle-class family who, after marrying the prince, effortlessly transformed herself into a princess who dedicates her life to serving the crown with dignity and grace. This shows Kate faltering almost imperceptibly at the mention of the children. This is all Catherine, Princess of Wales, in these few minutes of truth: herself. The woman she has grown into over the years – and who has the incredible power to face the biggest challenge of her life with strength and self-determination .

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