The public prosecutor is investigating Jasmin Tawil

In the past, negative headlines surrounding former actress Jasmin Tawil have piled up. Now she's in trouble with the public prosecutor's office.

A stay in prison in Costa Rica, a psychiatric hospitalization, worries about her child: Jasmin Tawil can no longer escape the endless cycle of bad news.

In the end there was still hope. The 41-year-old wanted to get her life back under control, is said to have gotten her son back and signed a contract with the artist manager Melanio Grillenberger. But he could now take her to court. Because he filed a criminal complaint against Jasmin Tawil.

“The investigation is being carried out because of the accusation of fraud,” said a spokeswoman for the Flensburg public prosecutor’s office in response to a query from t-online. The trigger for the criminal complaint against the former actress is said to be, among other things, “outstanding payments totaling 1,862.93 euros, which result from a variety of services,” the broadcaster RTL had previously reported. Senior public prosecutor Inke Dellius also confirmed a corresponding criminal complaint to t-online.

“No interest in negotiating on good terms”

The rift between Jasmin Tawil and her management resulted from “a multitude of incidents”. She is said to have ignored agreements, “which led to tensions and disagreements”. The manager also accuses her of “aggressive behavior” towards the staff. Until the end, the team’s “commitment to Ms. Tawil” was “always characterized by compassion and support.”

Tawil’s ex-manager Melanio Grillenberg initially tried to reach a personal agreement, but the actress was “unavailable” and is said to have shown “no interest in negotiating in good faith.”

It seems as if the last attempt to get her life back on track also failed. Despite the allegations, the Flensburg public prosecutor’s office explicitly pointed out that Jasmin Tawil is considered innocent until a possible final conviction. Jasmin Tawil herself has not yet commented on the allegations.


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