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Mikhail Khodorkovsky is after ten years in prison again in freedom. After the pardon by President Vladimir Putin of Russia’s most prominent detainee has left the prison camp Segescha in the north of the country.

Russia’s most prominent prisoner is at liberty: Shortly after his pardon by President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky has been released from the prison camp Segescha on Friday. The reported the Russian news agency Interfax, citing safety circuits.

The former head of the now-battered oil company Yukos, was arrested in 2003 and convicted two years later for fraud and tax evasion.

Khodorkovsky had known before his sentencing open to the opposition. The once Russia’s richest man also campaigned for the construction of a company controlled by his company oil pipeline to China, which would have made ​​the state-owned enterprises competition. The case against him has been internationally criticized as politically motivated.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky Free:Release on humanitarian grounds

A man holds a portrait of Khodorkovsky and his partner Lebedev during a rally in front of the court building in Moscow
A man holds a portrait of Khodorkovsky and his partner Lebedev during a rally in front of the court building in Moscow

On Friday morning, Putin had signed the pardon certificate for Khodorkovsky. Based on the principles of humanity he free the 50-year-olds of his further detention, it said in the published decree of Putin.

The Russian president had surprisingly spoke on Thursday of clemency Khodorkovsky. The newspaper “Kommersant” reported that intelligence officials had met with Khodorkovsky in prison camps, to bring the act of grace on the way. In early December there was a call from the secret service with the former oligarchs in which no lawyer was present, told “Kommersant” on Friday, citing anonymous sources. In this case, Khodorkovsky had been told that the health of his cancer-stricken mother had deteriorated and threatened him a third process.

Thereupon Khodorkovsky, who had hitherto always denied clemency had complained to President Vladimir Putin. According to the Kremlin for a pardon in Russia is always associated with an admission of guilt – which is why Khodorkovsky had resisted long, however.

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