Rammstein’s new shock video is on the air: Zeit

Three years after the latest album, there is finally a Rammstein replenishment. After all, significantly less waiting time than after “Love is for everyone” (2009). A completely new album is to follow this year, but the fresh single “Zeit” is the starting signal.

In advance, the German mega band around Till Lindemann (59) announced a video premiere for Thursday on Twitter. No sooner said than done: at 5 p.m. the group put the music video for the new single online.

And it gets even better: At the same time, Rammstein also announced the new album: It should be released on April 29th. The cover of the first single “Zeit”, on the other hand, can already be seen – and shows an old acquaintance: the iconic Trudelturm in Berlin Adlershof.

He doesn’t appear in the music video for the song (directed by actor Robert Gwisdek). Will there be another big scandal for this? It’s actually mandatory for Lindemann, Kruspe and Co. In any case, the last major video launch for “Germany” (2019) once again caused a great outcry. It was no different with the obscene clip for “Pussy” ten years earlier.

Rammstein men perform bloody deliveries

This time it’s comparatively melancholic and less extreme to the point, but the ballad-like work “Zeit” should also cause controversy. For example, when the camera is fully focused when the Rammstein boys perform the bloody births of their children on a group of women.

Not only at this moment does the sand of time flow over Lindemann’s troupe. A mysterious dark figure can also be seen again and again, which is apparently supposed to represent death. Because the sad lines of “Time” are about impermanence and that our life could be over at any moment.

This time Lindemann, Kruspe, Landers, Riedel, Schneider and Lorenz appear in different roles and apparently also epochs. Sometimes as farmers in a field, then as soldiers in war, who encounter their younger identities. And also on the high seas the band fights against time, where the video begins with their sinking.

From May, Rammstein will go on a big world tour again. The new album could also be shown there. Let’s start with the first stop in Prague. But the boxes remain silent in Russia.

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