Real Madrid make unsuccessful bid for Werder Bremen’s Mesut Özil

Transfer News – Bundesliga side, Werder Bremen have confirmed that Spanish giants Real Madrid have made a bid for Mesut Özil, which the German side rejected.

According to reports a transfer bid by Real Madrid was made for the in demand 21-year-old who shot to fame during Germany’s World Cup campaign in South Africa, but was said to be “unacceptable.”

An official statement by Werder Bremen wrote “We have received an unacceptable offer that does not even provide any basis for negotiations.”

Mourinho’s Real Madrid have made the first attacking bid to land the German playmaker after several high profile clubs including Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Barcelona being interested in Özil.

However the German with Turkish origins, must be transferred within a week for clubs not to lose interest as the talented footballers current club will play a Champions League clash against Sampdoria on Wednesday, and should Özil play, he will no longer be able to feature for other clubs for the season in the competition which will take interest away from clubs for the time being.

Özil has a year left on his contract for Werder Bremen and is almost certain to leave the Bundesliga after Premiership and La Liga sides repeated interest in the young player.

However, Bremen look to be a little confused themselves as they are stuck between using the talented footballer’s skills for another season or to cash in on a big money transfer.

Real Madrid manager Jose Mourinho who spoke of the talented playmaker said “He is a very good player and I would be delighted if he were to come to us,”

“Bremen have said no so we will have to see how things develop. If he comes, it would certainly be excellent. Ozil would definitely help us.”

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