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Preparations Begin Ahead Of The Birth Of The Royal Baby

It’s On:The heavily pregnant wife of Prince William, Duchess Kate, came to the hospital. Shortly Ago 6 clock the couple had left the palace without police escort, said a spokesman. Kate was in the early stages of labor.

For three weeks waiting journalists and fans before the Royal London Hospital St Mary’s Hospital on Duchess Catherine, who will bring her baby here. Now the birth seems to be close. In the morning, news agencies reported about crashes: Kate on the way to hospital.

According to the Royal Palace, the 31-year-old is in the early stages of labor. A spokesman said, Kate and William were driven without a police escort to the hospital shortly Ago 6 clock in the morning. “Everything is normal,” he added. “It was not an emergency.”

The Queen's Birthday Parade: Trooping the Colour
The Queen’s Birthday Parade: Trooping the Colour

Duchess Kate is now in the maternity ward in a private wing of the hospital. There was also William came into the world, the now 31-year-old son of Prince Charles. According to the BBC birth Williams had lasted around 16 hours.

British Royal Family:Royal Baby’s first name as mystery

British Royal Baby Birth
British Royal Baby Birth

The baby will move independently of his family at the third position of the British throne. Its expected date of birth of the palace had not been previously announced, the media kept an appointment for mid-July for likely. Whether Kate will give birth to her child by planned caesarean section or naturally, is also unknown.

In the name of the new member of the royal family, the public will probably have to wait a while. According to Williams, it took birth as a week before his name was announced. “Charles” remained the same for a whole month secret.

Crown Prince William, who is a helicopter pilot in the Army in Wales in use, currently has vacation. Kate had spent his last days in her parents’ home in Bucklebury, about 50 kilometers outside the capital London. The couple had left the property on Friday afternoon for an unknown destination.

It has been suggested that they returned to the London Kensington Palace to be near the hospital. The palace was about to not comment because the private time the couple will generally not commented.

British people wait Royal Baby
British people wait Royal Baby

To the medical team that cares about Kate, is a former gynecologist of Queen Elizabeth II, Marcus Setchell. Also, the current gynecologist to the Majesty Queen, Alan Farthing, is. Before the door of the private hospital wing, the so-called Lindo Wings, media from around the world have set up their cameras, some of them reporting live.

After the birth of the child must first be informed, inter alia, the British Queen and Prime Minister David Cameron. According to tradition, should be hung outside the gates of Buckingham Palace in London a message.

British Royal Baby will come Video

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