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Scotland Referandum 2014: More and more Scots for Independence / UK News

Opposing supporters for the Yes and No campaigns argue in Edinburgh, Scotland

Bye-bye UK ? According to a survey in Scotland opinion researchers call a remarkable change in sentiment. Even among women is growing, the number of independence advocates.

In nine days, the Scots will vote on a possible secession from the United Kingdom, proponents and opponents of secession deliver, according to a recent survey a head-to-head race. 38 percent of respondents would support Scottish independence, while 39 percent would vote against it, said the opinion research institute TNS.

The new mood confirms the upward trend of independence advocates. A month ago the camp of the Unionists had stood at 13 percentage points ahead. “The survey reveals a remarkable transformation of the vocal intentions,” said Tom Costley, Head of TNS in Scotland. “The race is wide open.”

Particularly among women, a reversal let watch: So far, they had expressed rather subdued over a possible Scottish independence. The figures at a glance:

*A month ago said 49 percent of the women surveyed, they would vote no in the referendum; 27 percent said, according to TNS, wanting vote yes.

*Now the poll results of the pollsters that the camp of the advocates of secession in Scotland has increased by eight percentage points to 35 percent. Only 41 percent intend to speak out     against the secession.

The group of undecided is therefore increased, from 16 percent to 18 percent. According to the pollsters or about 600,000 voters who are still undecided.

Scotland Referandum 2014:MPs promote engagement of Queen

In a study by the Institute YouGov for the newspaper “Sunday Times” had called on Sunday for the first time a slight majority of respondents Scottish voters for independence from Great Britain. To the British financial markets, this had sparked serious concern on Monday: Both UK equities and the pound lost one of its value.

Several MPs the Tories and Labour are now pushing out that the Queen should intervene in the election campaign, as the newspaper “Telegraph” reported. “Her Majesty” should be used in person for a stay of Scotland, so the desire of politicians. The Queen is according to the report but disagreed that the decision was solely a matter for the Scots. Proponents of a split had already announced the Queen should remain Scotland’s head of state. That makes a statement to the Queen even more unlikely, says the “Telegraph”.

The referendum will take place on 18 September. The British government warns, among other things before that Scotland in the event of secession, the pound could not keep. Many supporters of independence but want to keep the British currency. Another point of contention in the debate is the question of whether Scotland as an independent state automatically remain a member of the European Union.



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