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Russia and the populists: Front National to 40-million get loan from Moscow / Breaking News


Putin supports Europe’s right-wing populists with all the forces – with a lot of money: The Kremlin lends to the French National Front, according to a newspaper report, 40 million euros.

Nine million euros to the Russian government have the right-wing populist Front National (FN) lent it said so far – but the credit from Moscow was probably considerably higher: The French party of Marine Le Pen is for the next election campaigns total of 40 million euros in support get the Kremlin, as the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” writes, citing the French investigative portal “Media Part”.

Thus did “Media Part” learn from the party leadership of the FN that the previously known nine million loan was only the first installment, which has a Russian-Czech bank of the party. Thus, the money needs of the French right-wing populists should be covered until further notice: Until 2017 election Le Pen has increased the need for election campaigns, according to the “FAZ” estimated at 45 million euros.

Russia and the European populists:”A certain admiration” for Putin

The National Front is one of the most vocal critics of the sanctions policy of the European Union on Russia. After Russian soldiers had taken power in the Crimea in March, traveled FN deputy Aymeric Chauprade on the peninsula and acknowledged that the pro-Russian rulers that the referendum held in a hurry “legitimate” is. A little later drove Le Pen to Moscow Russia and assured their solidarity. For Putin harbors “a certain admiration,” as she told media once.

The deal with Moscow stoking fears that Putin’s Russia was financing targeted populist parties and groups in the West to weaken the European Union’s foreign policy as competitors. For not only to France for the Front National stretches the Kremlin from its sensors.

In Britain, the Kremlin is courting the radical European opponents of UKIP, Hungary Russia maintains good relations with the far-right Jobbik party – and supposedly Putin has struck it rich in Germany in search of a political partners: in the alternative for Germany. However, the AFD had a report as “false”.


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