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Russia is said to have accidentally shot down its own fighter jet

Russian troops appear to have made a devastating mistake: they reportedly shot down one of their own Su-34 fighter-bombers.

A Russian Su-34 fighter jet is said to have been shot down in Ukraine by its own armed forces. This was reported by Ukrainian media on Monday.

The jet, which according to Russian state media costs $36 million and is Russia’s newest fighter jet, went down near the city of Alchevsk. Alchevsk is in the eastern Luhansk region, an area occupied by pro-Russian separatists.

Video is said to show shot down jet

Videos and images shared by the Ukrainian Army via Telegram on Monday are said to show the charred remains of the Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber after the crash.

In one of the videos, the cameraman apparently states that a Ukrainian plane was shot down. However, an inscription on the fighter jet reportedly shows that it is a Russian Air Force jet.

Reports are not confirmed by the Russian side

“Russian air defense invaders shot down their own plane flying in the sky over Alchevsk,” Ukrainian news agency reported. The accident may have happened on Sunday, when Ukrainian troops launched a targeted attack on Russian military camps.

Other Ukrainian media also reported that the Su-34 jet was accidentally shot down by Russia’s own air defenses. Moscow has not yet commented on the incident. The reports could not be independently verified.

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