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Russian army increases pressure on Kyiv

According to Ukrainian sources, Russian troops are continuing their advance towards the capital Kyiv.

In the south, the situation in the encircled port of Mariupol is becoming increasingly dramatic. Food and water are said to be scarce. Accordingly, Russian units are moving ever closer to the capital. Details of fighting were not made public. The city issued multiple air alerts throughout the night. The residents should take shelter in air raid shelters. The Ukrainian side reported a success from the strategically important Hostomel airfield north-west of Kyiv. Accordingly, the Russian troops would have withdrawn from there. The airport has been the scene of combat since the beginning of the invasion. Paratroopers had been dropped there, presumably to secure the landing of Russian transport planes – that failed.

Navy ship self sunk

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov reported that the Ukrainian Navy sunk its flagship “Hetman Sahaydachnyi” itself so that it would not fall into enemy hands. The frigate was anchored for repairs.

Mariupol completely enclosed

The southern Ukrainian port of Mariupol is now completely surrounded by enemy forces. “The enemy had a significant technical advantage,” it said. There is a lack of electricity, water and food, says Deputy Mayor Sergei Orlov in the daily topics.

According to Defense Minister Resnikov, Ukrainian forces are holding back the attackers in strategically important locations, such as in the north-eastern Ukrainian regions of Sumy and Chernihiv. “The enemy is confused and intimidated,” Reznikov wrote on Facebook. Ukrainian forces captured large amounts of military equipment and weapons and killed more than 10,000 Russian soldiers, he claimed. Shortly before, the Ukrainian general staff had spoken of a good 9,100 opponents killed. Western experts question these high numbers. The Russian Defense Ministry spoke of 498 fallen soldiers on Wednesday. Information on your own and enemy losses is generally considered unreliable and is often part of the propanda.

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