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Russian bridge wobbles like waves after gale force winds

A newly opened bridge in Russia has caused problems for travelers after the bridge started to wobble when strong winds occurred in the area.

Video of Russian bridge wobbles like waves after gale winds

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The newly built seven kilometers long bridge on the Volga River in Volgograd, was opened approximately seven months ago but on Thursday a strange occurrence happened when the bridge’s asphalt started to go up and down like a wave.

Russian bridgeOnlookers have said that the sight was extraordinary as the road was going up and down in a wave like manor but for some reason or another, the bridge did not collapse and did not seem to have any serious damage.

An official who inspected the bridge after the occurrence said “Not even the paint cracked on the bridge”.

Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, has already ordered a probe on what went wrong during the planning or building of the expensive bridge which was paid for with state funds.

The wave like stumps reached approximately 3 feet high (1 metre), but not one was seriously injured.

One motorist who drove over the bridge during the strange occurrence wrote “I was driving to my country house when my car started bouncing like a ball, I thought something was wrong with the suspension,” on an Internet forum.

Some officials thought the bridge might have wobbled due to a small earthquake but that theory has since been squashed as no Seismic activity was reported by the country’s earthquake centre.

However Oleg Belozyorov the Deputy Transportation Minister said “Experts agree that it is the dynamics of the air, when wind gusts hit a certain resonance zone, they cause these kinds of consequences.”

The bridge which cost $396 million was designed and built in a way which is earthquake resistant and resistant towards floods but such a problem must have not been foreseen by the designers of the bridge.

Vladimir Parshin, Chief engineer of Transmost, which is a bridge construction company also said that the most likely reason for the such a problem would be high speed winds.

Parshin who spoke to The Moscow Times said “The spans in the Volgograd bridge are rather long, so theoretically it could be less wind-resistant than other similar structures, in any case, this sounds like a precedent for this type of bridge.”

There are two other ways of crossing the bridge which are by a ferry and a bridge which is Approximately 60 miles away.

It has been reported that the bridge had been closed since Thursday, and will remain closed until the cause of the accident is found.

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