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Russia’s nuclear bombs: What is the point of Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons?

The question of a possible nuclear war has been in the air since the start of the Ukraine conflict. The threat of the use of nuclear weapons by Russian President Vladimir Putin did the rest.

Nuclear bombs, nuclear weapons, nuclear missiles, nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons – the list of synonyms is long. Almost 80 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, fears of nuclear war are still present – sometimes more and sometimes less. The conflict in Ukraine has also raised new concerns about an escalation with nuclear weapons in the run-up to, but mainly as a result of, the invasion of Russia. Vladimir Putin is not entirely innocent of this. After all, the threat of a possible use of nuclear weapons came out of his mouth – subliminally and not in these exact words. And yet the threat could be heard.

Because anyone who is able to read between the lines a little bit understands what Russia’s ruler Vladimir Putin, about whose private life and assets there are many myths and speculations, is trying to get at with his formulation. After all, with an estimated 6,255 nuclear weapons, Putin has almost half of the 13,080 nuclear weapons that are attributed to the nuclear weapons arsenal of the world’s nine nuclear powers. While the hackers from Anonymous Russia and Putin were declaring cyber war, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, along with his own hackers from the troll factories, is currently pulling out precisely this map of nuclear power as a means of exerting pressure on Western support in the Ukraine war.

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