Rutte: Farmer actions on the highway unacceptable and dangerous

Prime Minister Mark Rutte has reacted strongly to the farmers' actions on highways yesterday and today.

He finds the protests by ‘a small group of farmers’ unacceptable and life-threatening. He wrote this in a statement on Twitter.

Willfully endangering others, damaging our infrastructure and threatening people who help clean up is beyond all limits. Report a threat,” he wrote on Twitter. “These life-threatening actions must stop. There are plenty of other ways to express your dissatisfaction within the law. Most farmers do that too.”

He also expresses his support for Rijkswaterstaat and the police ‘who are working with all their might to limit the consequences of these actions.’ Rutte is on holiday, but says he is in contact with the most involved ministers.


A spokesperson for Rutte says that there are ‘constant’ consultations in the cabinet. “It just doesn’t happen in front of everyone.” The ministers ‘monitor and take action where necessary’.

The Ministry of Justice and Security also says that “a lot of” consultations are taking place with, among others, the police, the Public Prosecution Service and the municipalities. A spokesperson stated that it is “very clear” that the cabinet finds these actions unacceptable, and “that you cannot get away with it”. The fact that Minister Dilan Yeşilgöz has not yet been physically visible, for example by speaking to the press, has to do with the recess, according to him.

Yesterday and today, in protest against nitrogen regulations, garbage, straw bales and material containing asbestos were dumped and set on fire on several highways. Contractors who wanted to clean up the mess yesterday were threatened and the work stopped. As a result, the A1 at Voorst, from Hengelo to Apeldoorn, is still closed. Other roads were also closed this morning as a result of the dumping actions.


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