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Solar energy capacity exceeding 8 thousand megawatts spread to 78 provinces of Turkey

Turkey’s current installed capacity of electricity has reached 100 thousand 334 megawatts, and the share of solar energy in electricity installed capacity has reached 8 percent.

While Turkey’s solar energy capacity exceeding 8 thousand megawatts consists of power plants in 78 provinces, Konya, which has the highest capacity, stands out as the “capital of the sun”.

According to the data obtained by the AA correspondent from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Turkey’s installed electricity capacity reached 100 thousand 334 megawatts and solar energy installed power reached 8 thousand 29 megawatts as of the end of March.

The installed power in solar energy, which was 40 megawatts in 2014, has exceeded 8 thousand megawatts in approximately 8 years, and a threshold has been exceeded in this field. The share of solar energy in Turkey’s electricity installed power has reached 8 percent.

While the installed power of solar energy, mainly composed of unlicensed power plants, stands out with its “distributed” structure, there are solar power plants of various sizes in 78 provinces of Turkey.

Konya is the province with the highest installed capacity in solar energy with 1167.50 megawatts. This is followed by Ankara with a capacity of 415.8 megawatts, Şanlıurfa with 383.5 megawatts, Kayseri with 346.5 megawatts and İzmir with 306.9 megawatts.

Kahramanmaraş with 264.7 megawatts, Gaziantep 260.8 megawatts, Afyonkarahisar with 252.3 megawatts, Antalya with 241.7 megawatts and Manisa with 234.8 megawatts is among the top 10 cities with the highest installed capacity in solar energy.

While Mersin follows these provinces with an installed power of 217.5 megawatts, Turkey has a solar energy capacity of 100-200 megawatts in 20 and 50-100 megawatts in 9 provinces.

In solar energy, the capacities in 18 cities vary between 10-50 megawatts, while 20 cities have a solar installed capacity of 10 megawatts or less.

Rize, Hakkari and Artvin stand out as the three provinces in Turkey where there is no solar energy capacity.


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