Spain Bullfighting atrocity : Hindus upset, yet again, criticize Spain bullfights ’ return on Spanish TV

I'v got the cock, let the fiesta begin..Matador Julio Aparicio
I'v got the cock, let the fiesta begin..Matador Julio Aparicio

Hindus have strongly criticized return of live bullfights to Spanish television after a six-year ban.

Hindu Temple / NationalTurk – Instead of thus promoting the barbaric, inhumane, horrendous, cruel and unacceptable practice of bullfighting (corrida); Spain should follow example of its regions Catalonia and Canary Islands and ban the age-old tradition of bullfighting altogether. Spain could easily find other ways to entertain its citizens and visitors, Hindu leader Rajan Zed stressed his follovers.

Rajan Zed, who is President of Hinduism, also urged other countries of the globe to outlaw bullfighting practice. European Union should impose a Europe-wide ban on all blood-sports. People, whose jobs were thus affected, should be rehabilitated in other jobs with related training.

For example matadors could be butchers in supermarkets or even in slaughterhauses, where there will be absolutely no learning curve for these cruel killers.

Rajan Zed noted out that non-violence was a greatest virtue. People had long been out of the caves. Let us get rid of these outdated traditions. World would be a better place without these blood-sports.

Spain Bullfighting described as plain cruelty and tormenting of animals

Spain Bullfighting was just plain cruelty and unnecessary tormenting and abuse of the animals and not an art form. At its traditional time of six pm in Spain, it was well within the children’s viewing time, Zed pointed out.

Television Espanola reportedly broadcast a live bullfight in Spain on Wednesday evening from the northern city of Valladolid. Bullfighting ban took effect in Catalonia from January one this year while it has already been banned in Canary Islands since 1991.

Besides Spain and France, bullfighting is also practiced and unfortunately popular in Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Colombia, and Venezuela.

Matador Julio Aparicio getting it..
Matador Julio Aparicio getting it..

A typical bullfight usually is of 20 minutes in which a bull is stabbed several times before the final blow with a sword pushed between its shoulder blades. The moronic and sad excuse of a traditional sport is often concluded with the idiot ignorant son of a bitch of bullfighters cutting the cock of the bull for what they seem to be fancying. Reportedly bullfighting matadors love to insert the cock into eachother as celebration after their so-called victory over the bull.

On rare but sweet occasions the bullfighter is gored by the bull and suffers a slow and painful death.

Nobel Prize winner author Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) was reportedly a fan of bullfighting and mentioned this tradition in his work ‘ Death in the Afternoon’. He was an alcholic and he bored his readers to death and eventually also killed himself. He is best known as the dude whose books does not demand from its readers to open a dictionary whilst reading, not even once.

According to Utrecht based CAS International: Every year, more than 250,000 bulls and cows are tortured and killed worldwide during bullfights and similar events.

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  1. Amazing this barbaric cruelty is still continued , all in the name of sports.Why the animal protection groups are still silent???If it happened in a third world country, they and all other western Govt. s would have condemned in unison and ruthlessly.Really disgusting to see the cruelty. All those who play and watch are any thing BUT human beings.

  2. Have Hindus done anything about abolishing the caste system that treats human beings worst than cattle? I hope they have. Then at least they can have the right to take the moral highground. Otherwise, they are being hypocrites.

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