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Syria Denounces Synchronization of Attacks with Annan´s Visit

Syria has denounced the synchronization of the recent massacre in Houla city with the visit of UN and Arab League envoy Kofi Annan to verify the fulfilment of the six-point plan for a political solution to the crisis.

During a press conference, the spokesman of the Foreign Affairs Ministry Jihad Makdesi, called the attention on the suspicious synchronization of the attacks against the civil population with the arrival of Annan. It is a blow against the political process, held Makdesi after stressing that the brutal killing method is not part of the Syrian army ethics and noted that it is not the Syrian army who is killing civilians, but armed terrorist groups.

Makdesi questioned the flippant nature with which the government forces are accused of the massacre of over 90 people, including children, in the central town of Houla on Friday.

Syria: Terrorist do not want the success of the Annan Plan

The Syrian government spokesman said that since his country accepted the UN plan, terrorist groups increased their actions, because they do not want the success of the program.

The statements of the Syrian authorities coincide with prompt condemnations of various spokesmen from Western nations, led by the US, and some Arab monarchies which hold Damascus responsible for the massacre of civilians in Houla.


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