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Syrian Civil War: CIA upgraded Syria jihadists rebels / Breaking News


The US Foreign Intelligence Agency will  after months of delay  have started supplying arms to Syria rebels. This was reported by “Washington Post”. Would be provided light weapons, ammunition, vehicles and communication equipment.

The US Central Intelligence Agency has started supplying arms to Syrian rebels, according to “Washington Post”. Thus, the fighters were light weapons and ammunition from the United States, also medical supplies and equipment for communication. The material is reached according to the report in the past two weeks into the war-torn country. In addition, vehicles were delivered separately.

The authors of the “Washington Post” says: The traditions represented a significant expansion of the U.S. role in the war. They cite in their report to U.S. officials. Washington hopes thus to strengthen the insurgents clearly.

Arab states an Turkey had started several months ago trying to provide modern weapons. The support is aimed primarily at the moderate Syrian rebels. They had steadily lost influence over radical groups and international jihadists.

Syria Civil War:”Protect children from toxic gas”

US President Barack Obama had the Syrian leadership for the poison gas attack of 21 August threatened a military strike. Hundreds of people had died in the use of chemical weapons, including many children.

The planned military strike pushed Obama on however – his political wavering course in recent weeks brought him a lot of criticism. In his speech to the nation on the night of Wednesday, the US president also stressed his troops stood ready to continue, “to maintain the pressure on Assad.” The US is not the world police, “but if you can protect children from being gassed, you should do it.”

However, this attitude criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has traditionally been allied with the Syrian leadership. In an opinion article for the “New York Times” Putin calls it “alarming” that a military intervention in internal conflicts of foreign states in the US had become a habit.

He also insists on its proposal to destroy the poison gas arsenal of the Syrian regime under international control. However, experts have strong concerns, and Washington responded behave.

Now the United States and Russia negotiate directly again. The foreign ministers of both countries, John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov will meet on Thursday afternoon in Geneva. Diplomats in Geneva said that the ministers would first be discussed bilaterally between the respective performances without the participation of the United Nations and seek consensus.

It is already clear after US view: There will be no quick diplomatic solution to the conflict in the Syrian chemical weapons. A time limit as to when the regime of Bashar al-Assad in power must comply with the proposal to eliminate its chemical weapons to a US military strike fails, calling not a US spokesman.


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  1. The abstract war on terror just became very real. Now the US is going out of its way to fund it. This only shows how desparate they are to keep the political economy of terror alive.

  2. Mr. Obama,

    Stay out of Syria, sir, just stay out!

    I’m extremely disturbed (nay, very bloody angry) to have learned today that you and your CIA have been using my tax dollars to supply the ferocious heart-eating, beheading, throat-cutting Syrian Opposition terrorists with weapons in the Syrian Civil War… and likely, elsewhere in the Middle East.

    Have you lost your mind, Mr. Obama? You pledged to rid our nation of this crazed Middle East meddling. What’s gone wrong with your pledge?

    I repeat, sir, stay out of Syria — and while you’re at it, please jettison the bumbling John Kerry. His mistake-ridden big mouth rhetoric isn’t worth the powder to blow it to hell.

    Vladimir Puttin and his steady right hand Sergey Lavrov are making you and your inept team (of ‘Hairy’ John Kerry, ‘Run Amuck’ Chuck Hagel, and ‘Oh No’ Joe Biden) look pathetic on the world stage.

    Please follow Mr. Putin’s advice, Mr. Obama so that he may lead you out of the mess you created for yourself, with your childish ‘red line’ and ‘game changer’ threats that you never thought you’d have to follow through on.

    And finally, Mr. President please recognize Turkish PM Erdogan and his FM Ahmet Davutoglu, for what they are… ambitious Sunni Sect Islamists with worldly aspirations — who seek shariah-based dominance in the region.

    As you should well-know by now, Erdogan is famously quoted as saying, “Democracy is like a train… that you ride until you reach your destination of choice, at which point you just get off.”

    Erdogan is an underhanded and dangerous opponent of real democracy, Mr. Obama. Don’t let him bamboozle you, sir. Beware.

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