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Bayern Munich boss Uli Hoeness is for tax evasion for three and a half years in prison. The court declared a Self display an invalid for an exemption from punishment. Hoeness already lodged an appeal against the decision.

Uli Hoeness has been sentenced to a prison term of three years and six months. The District Court of Munich said the president of Bayern Munich on Thursday for tax evasion guilty. The exemption from punishment by a voluntary disclosure, the court classified as invalid (the events in the live ticker here).

Hoeness took the judgment largely motionless note. His lawyer has already announced opposition to the decision. “We will of course attack the judgment on appeal of revision,” said Hanns figs. Next instance of the revision is the federal court in Karlsruhe.

With the documents submitted no complete self-display could be reimbursed, the presiding judge Rupert Heindl had said to the reasoning of the Court. The court was therefore come to the conclusion that the self-display was invalid and could not act criminal liberating.

On the fourth and final day of the trial, there had been no further evidentiary motions. The method could thus be continued with the same arguments. The prosecution argued of a particularly serious case of tax evasion for a sentence of five years and six months. The prosecution called more than a suspended sentence, the court should consider the self-display as ineffective.

Hoeness had no need for a final word. “I have a lecture from my defender nothing to add. He has said everything I would not be better able to formulate,” he said.

Tax Evasion:Hoeness does not for the time being in custody

The 62- year-old had the self- display on 17 January 2013 refunded because of untaxed income in Switzerland. Shortly thereafter classified the prosecution but the display as ineffective and initiated proceedings . In the process , it turned out that instead of the accused Hoeness 3.5 million euros hinterzog even 27.2 million euros in taxes. Hoeness has to pay extra evaded taxes, however, an additional fine not imposed by the court.

Hoeness will not initially taken into custody after his conviction , told court spokeswoman Andrea Titz . The warrant will be maintained in the form of existing and stay out of prison . In prison Honess must only when there is a legally valid judgment . He has to informally to request a weekly revision. If he does , the judgment shall be sent to him in writing. Then Hoeness would turn four weeks to justify the revision.

FC Bayern Munich declined to comment on the sentence against president Uli Hoeness . By the Supervisory Board of the Association , however, a brief written statement is to be expected throughout the day , according to media director Markus Hörwick . In the Bundesliga was stirring compassion , politician of the SPD and the Greens , however, praised the judge’s decision ( the reactions overview here).

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