Taylor Swift vs John Cleese: Catfight on BBC / UK News


John Cleese is considered a masterpiece of humor. In a BBC talk show he now was, however, carried away to an unintentionally comical question about the cat by Taylor Swift. The singer responded irritably.

As the photo of Olivia was displayed, it means one of two cats from singer Taylor Swift as a sigh of emotion went through the audience of the “Graham Norton Show”. However, a studio guest did not really join in the rapture: “How did the accident happen,” asked Monty Python veteran John Cleese abruptly. Since it was a short silence, then was heard Sporadic laughter.

“What? What accident?” Said a visibly irritated Swift. Cleese replied: “Is that a real cat, or is it damaged?”
Olivia is a Scottish Fold. The ears lying forward characteristic of this breed. “This is the weirdest cat I’ve ever seen,” said Cleese fixed.

Cleese is known as a master of humor, but in case it was obviously him seriously. And Swift also not seeing the joke. A little later she got the opportunity for revenge. A photo showed Cleese’s wife with a huge black cat, she commented, saying: “This is a monster!”

Despite this exchange of blows Cleese was only a little later to Swifts ally – which mainly was on the third studio guest: Cricketer Kevin Pietersen described himself due to an allergy as “not really a big fan of cats”. Swift slipped demonstratively a piece of him away, toward the man who had her beloved Olivia recently vilified.

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