Tesla boss disappeared: Where is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk has gone into hiding. / Where is Elon Musk?

At least the frequent twitterer is taking an unusually long break from the service. There could be numerous reasons for this. / Where is Elon Musk?

Where is Elon? This is the question that fans of the Tesla boss and international media have been asking themselves in the last few days. Funkstille has been on Musk’s Twitter account for more than nine days. The tech billionaire posted the last tweet on June 21.

The long hiatus is more than unusual for the otherwise communicative Tesla boss, who recently surpassed 100 million followers on the short message service.

What Could Be the Reasons for Musk’s Twitter Break? For one thing, there are enough economic triggers that could have led to Musk’s radio silence. After difficult months, especially on the Chinese market, Tesla is now closing its second quarter.

Musk worries about his ‘gigantic incinerators’ / Where is Elon Musk?

In addition, according to Musk, the company is currently losing “billions of dollars” with its new car factories in Grünheide near Berlin and in Austin, Texas. In a recent video interview, he described the factories as “gigantic money incinerators.”

In addition, Musk’s space company SpaceX currently has its hands full. After months of negotiations and investigations, the company has received clearance from the US Federal Aviation Administration and is allowed to launch its Starship spacecraft in Texas. It’s an important step for SpaceX, since Nasa last year chose Starship as the next lunar module as part of its Artemis space program.

But there’s another economic reason that may have led to Musk’s hiatus on the social network: The billionaire is in the midst of the Twitter takeover process. Most recently, Musk had threatened to withdraw from the takeover agreement because the short message service refused to provide him with specific key figures and data.

Musk’s birthday was June 28th

Musk also has at least one reason for taking a break from social media in his private life. His birthday was June 28th and he was 51 years old. The billionaire could have used this for a digital break.

Even if the Tesla boss hasn’t tweeted himself for days, there are a few signs of life from him: According to the Twitter account “ElonJet”, which tracks and publishes the flight movements of the billionaire’s private jet, Musk’s private jet landed in Austin on June 24, Texas. There is a Tesla Gigafactory.

Has Elon Musk traveled to Italy?

The tweets and publications by US journalist Johnna Crider prove that Musk was also there. The editor of the Tesla magazine “Teslarati” said she interviewed the company boss on June 25 for her podcast. She published the interview on her blog.

After his stay in Texas, Musk is in Europe, according to the latest flight movements published by “ElonJet”. The “ElonJet” account is puzzling as to why Musk could be here.

Private or business trip? Possibly both: the operator of the account suspects that he met his brother Kimbal Musk in Italy. He is also a businessman and sits on the board of directors of SpaceX and Tesla.

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