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Turkey will host FIFA U-20 World Cup 2013

Turkey will host FIFA U-20 World Cup 2013

Turkey has acquired to host the greatest organization ever in its history. In today’s press conference which was made in FIFA Headquarters, Zurich, Switzerland, FIFA Executive Committee has announced to decide FIFA U-20 World Cup 2013 will be held in Turkey.

Turkey has reached the hosting rights of the championship to outstrip the other candidates which are Uzbekistan and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Turkey has documented in its bid dossier book that 10 cities which are Antalya, Bursa, Gaziantep, Bursa, İstanbul, İzmir, Kayseri, Manisa, Rize, Şanlıurfa, Trabzon and 13 stadiums will host the tournament that will secure Turkey’s position in the world football scene. The host cities of the championship will be determined finally, after the site visits of FIFA officials.

In his speech after the announcement of the host country, TFF’s vice president Mr. Lutfi Arıboğan said: ”We are honoured to be here today, receiving the hosting rights of FIFA U20 World Cup 2013 to be held in Turkey which 24 countries will participate it. We are glad to receive our efforts that has been continued approximately 6 months. Our President, Prime minister, Sports Minister, General Directorate of Youth and Sports President, Turkish clubs and also our government from the ministries to the municipalities of the candidate cities, provided all the necessary support to host the FIFA U20 World Cup. We are grateful to them. We also thank to Mr. Şenes Erzik, our honourary president and FIFA Executive Committee Member.”

Economic contribution: 300 million dollars

Vice President Lutfi Arıboğan emphasised that the tournament which will last for 1 month will bring around 300 million dollars to the economy and he added “This year’s U20 World Cup in Colombia provided 9000 jobs, of which 2900 are direct employment. We are sure that these figures will increase in our country.”

FIFA U20 World Cup is a chance for the star players in the future to show their skills into the world football scene at first time, has been also broadcasted from many countries. This championship will be held on June 2013 with the participation of 24 countries.

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