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Turkey strives to be leader in Middle East: Expert

Turkey Israel relationsTurkey and particularly Erdogan’s Cabinet demonstrates the world that it is no more Israel’s strategic partner and does not cooperate with the country, Turkish studies expert Artak Shakaryan told, commenting on recent tension in Turkey-Israel relations.

Israeli Kursor daily reported that Turkey and Iran concluded a secret treaty, under which Ankara will supply to Tehran intelligence information enabling to avoid Israeli attack.

Shakaryan underlined that Turkey wishes to become the leader in the Middle East and, and therefore tries to gain confidence of Islamic world and Arabic states in particular. However, close cooperation with Israel was an obstacle for doing so.

“In terms of external PR, Turkey and Israel will act as if they have problems and contradictions,” said the expert, adding that as experience confirms, the countries cooperate strategically. The authorities will possibly freeze the relations temporarily, but not break them off.


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