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Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has spoken: Turkey does not want war with Syria :P

Turkish PM Erdogan has spoken on Syria shelling of Turkish town(s)
Turkish PM Erdogan has spoken on Syria shelling of Turkish town(s)

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan finally has spoken : Turkey has no intention of going to war with Syria, Tayyip’s statement came hours after the Turkish Parliament in Ankara passed the bill authorizating cross-border operations in any scale against the Syrian Arab republic.

Ankara / NationalTurk – Turkey has no intention of starting a war with Syria,’ PM Tayyip Erdoğan expresses at a press conference amid anger over Syrian shelling that killed five Turkish citizens – a mother, three of her children and another woman – in the town of Akçakale on Turkish Syrian border yesterday. But he underlined  that Turkey had the might to protect its nationals and borders if need rises.

‘ No country should dare test our determination on that,’ he warned. His comments came as the Turkish military amassed tanks and anti-aircraft missiles in Akçakale

According to Erdoğan it was not the first time Syria had shelled Turkish territory before branding it ‘ an accident ‘. He claimed that Turkey was previously hit seven times by Syrian mortars.

“Even today we had a shell landing in Altınözü district in [the southernmost province of ] Hatay,” Erdogan stated. “One time is an accident … but how is this an accident, when it happens eight times?”

Is Free Syrian Army bombing Turkey ?

Yesterday’s deadly strike triggered sporadic shelling from the Turkish side, with Turkish artillery hitting unspecified targets inside Syria in response. Some Turkish people hint that it can be the so-called Free Syrian Army who is responsible for shelling of Turkish towns !

Turkish military ceased artillery units ceased bombing Syrian targets earlier this morning.

Meanwhile, Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations  Bashar Jaafari stated hard-pressed Damascus administration ‘ is not seeking any escalation with any of its neighbors, including Turkey,’ after a deadly cross-border shelling incident, for which Syria has not apologised as of yet.

‘ The Syrian government has a key interest in maintaining good neighborly relations with Turkey,’ Ambassador Bashar Jaafari told.

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  1. Syria is the one who should be protesting. Turkey trains terrorists and arms the rebels.
    Which country would allow that?
    But I am hopeful, that normal turkish people, who have seen through this hypocrasy, are not happy with Erdogan’s actions.

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