Twitter is suing Elon Musk for breach of contract

After Elon Musk's withdrawal from the Twitter takeover, the company files its lawsuit.

The richest man in the world apparently thinks this is funny.

Twitter has sued high-tech billionaire Elon Musk after Musk pulled out of the deal to take over the short message service. The online platform accuses Musk of breach of contract, according to the lawsuit filed in a Delaware court on Tuesday. The company wants to assert in court that the purchase will still be completed at the agreed price of 44 billion US dollars.

Musk’s reason for withdrawing from the billion-euro deal agreed in April was “hypocrisy,” Twitter said. “After staging a public spectacle to bring Twitter into play, and after proposing and signing a pro-sales merger agreement, Musk appears to believe he’s free to change his mind, ruin the company, disrupt operations to destroy the value for shareholders and leave,” the Reuters news agency quoted the group as saying.

Musk and Twitter agreed in April that the celebrated and controversial entrepreneur would take over the online platform for $44 billion. Musk’s withdrawal from the agreement is likely to result in a long and costly legal battle.

Musk responds to Twitter lawsuit – on Twitter

Musk didn’t respond to the news with a definitive comment, but left a succinct message on Twitter, believed to be related to the lawsuit: “Oh, how ironic,” he wrote, adding “laughing out loud.” added.

The US billionaire had let the planned takeover of Twitter burst because of allegedly “false and misleading” information from the company. The background is the dispute over the number of spam or fake accounts on Twitter.


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