U.S. Baseball Team Visits Cuba

Mike Gaski, President of USA Baseball, arrived here today on the occasion of the resumption of the traditional Cuba-USA baseball games, cancelled since 1996.

“I feel so excited to be in Havana, we’re looking forward to some good games,” Gaski told the official website for the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB).

Cuba and the United States have agreed to a series of five friendly games, starting today through July 9 in Havana’s Latinoamericano Stadium at 20:00 local time, except on Sunday when the game will be played around mid-afternoon.

“Ever since 2001, we’ve done everything possible so that our teams can face-off again as they did for years, and furthermore we think that next year, in July, you’ll be able to come and visit us again,” said Gaski, who arrived on Cuban soil accompanied by his right-hand man, USA Baseball Executive Director Paul Seiler.

The two countries began these kinds of bilateral games in the 80s (with sporadic play in the second half of the 70s), and maintained the games until 1996, when the USA Baseball leadership at the time unilaterally decided to eliminate them from the annual calendar.

FCB president Higinio Velez had the honor of receiving the visitors at Havana’s “Jose Marti” International Airport.

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