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Ukip success in local elections: Brits bring EU haters best result in history / UK News

Political Leaders React To Local Election Results

The Ukip is the big winner of local elections in the UK. The EU’s enemies put as strongly as any other party. With voltage London is now waiting on the results of the European elections.

The right-wing populist Ukip can celebrate success in the local elections in the UK. The party of the EU critic Nigel Farage has re-gained by counting one-third of constituencies 86 seats – more than any other political force.

The opposition Labour Party was easy to gain , on the other hand lost the ruling Tories and their coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats seats in the municipal councils . The turnout was only 36 percent.

A year before the next general election in the UK, the electoral success of the Ukip has implications for policy in London. “It is clear , has that the era of the four-party system started,” the Labour politician Chuka Umunna said. Some Tory MPs are already calling for an electoral alliance with Ukip . They fear that the split of the conservative camp of the Labour Party in 2015 could help to electoral success .

Ukip leader Farage boasted after the announcement of the initial results : ” The Ukip Fox has now arrived in the henhouse Westminster ,” the politician said . Especially in the strongholds of the Conservatives as Essex Ukip could set .

The result of the elections is considered an indicator for the outcome of the European elections , which also took place on Thursday in the UK. However, results are not announced until the Sunday when the last polling stations have closed in the EU.

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