Ukraine Crisis:US giant aircraft carrier in Greece ! US Navy began to gather in the Aegean Sea / Breaking News


US Navy aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush, in the Aegean Sea was anchored off the Port of Piraeus.

The USS George HW Bush with the nickname “Avenger” is the pride of the US fleet, as it is the most modern nuclear-powered U.S. aircraft carrier. The ship was completed in 2009 and cost the government 6.2 billion U.S. dollars.

This is a floating city with 3,500 people. With a length of almost 333 meters, is the largest aircraft in the world, while the maximum speed exceeding 30 knots. It has a displacement of more than 100,000 tons, and can be driven for 20 years without anefodiasmo.Apo the aircraft have direct

Due to the crisis in Ukraine increased tensions between the US  and Russia, the US navy in the Atlantic Ocean important part of the Aegean and Mediterranean continues to shift.

U.S. Navy came in the the Mediterranean
U.S. Navy came in the the Mediterranean

According to the Pentagon’s announcement of 16 February, the carrier will support businesses in Europe.

Belonging to the U.S. Navy warships passing through the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean logged specified.

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