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Ukraine reports alleged assassination attempt on Putin

After Russia invaded Ukraine, there was an attack on Vladimir Putin. That’s what the head of the Ukrainian military intelligence service says and speaks of an “absolutely unsuccessful” action.

After the start of the war of aggression in Ukraine, there was an attempted attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Kyrylo Budanov, head of the Ukrainian military intelligence service, told the Ukrainian newspaper Pravda. “There was an assassination attempt on Putin,” Budanov said, according to the report. “It was an absolutely unsuccessful attempt, but it really happened. It was about two months ago.” The information has not yet been independently verified.

The attempt was known in secret service circles but not made public, Budanov continued. According to Budanov, it was not Ukrainian forces who carried out the attack, but “representatives of the Caucasus”. The Caucasus is a large region spanning the territories of Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Iran.

Putin also has many enemies in the Caucasus region: in 2008, for example, he gave the order to invade Georgia. For weeks, Russian and Georgian troops fought each other on Georgian territory. Hundreds of people were killed and thousands injured by the time the ceasefire was reached.

Putin is considered extremely cautious

According to Putin, he has already survived numerous assassination attempts. In 2017, he told filmmaker Oliver Stone that there had been five attempts to assassinate him. He is only alive because he personally takes care of his safety.

Rumor has it that the Russian president is traveling with his own squad of snipers whose sole job is to keep tabs on Putin and take out enemy gunners.

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