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US military intelligence report on Iran: ‘Iran won’t start the war’

Us Iran War : Who will strike first ?
Us Iran War : Who will strike first ?

In a briefing over the escalating hostilities between the US and Iran, American intelligence officials state it is unlikely that Iran won’t be the first country launching any military action against the United States or Israel.

Washington / NationalTurk – If and when the US does initiate a strike on Iran, however, the results and aftermath could be catastrophic, to both ends.

US Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess stated in Washington, DC, an attack launched by Iran is unlikely, unless, of course, the US strikes first. Burgess also added that, despite increased sanctions imposed by the US and United Nations and a build up of American military forces surrounding the country, Iran is unlikely to halt its nuclear program that has become the cause of international concern.

Us Iran War : Who will strike first ?

“Iran today has the technical, scientific and industrial capability to eventually produce nuclear weapons. While international pressure against Iran has increased, including through sanctions, we assess that Tehran is not close to agreeing to abandoning its nuclear program,” Burgess said.

Iran : US reachable nukes to be launched if US Iran war erupts with US provoking Iran

The United States and some of its closest allies insist that Iran is producing nuclear warheads; Iran assuries their research is working towards atomic energy, not nukes. As the US continues to come down on Iran for allegation of a weapons program, Burgess warns that Tehran government shows no signs of terminating their efforts anytime soon.

If the US tries to terminate it themselves, however, there could be trouble.

Iran Us War : Iran’s strategy varies from closing Hormuz Strait to global terrorism against Americans

“Iran can close the Strait of Hormuz at least temporarily, and may launch missiles against US forces and our allies in the region if it is attacked,” Burgess explained this week to a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing in US. “Iran could also attempt to employ terrorist surrogates to a global extent, where many US citizens will be victimized. However, the US agency reclaims Iran is unlikely to initiate or intentionally provoke a conflict,” the lieutenant general added.
With an Iran-initiated attack unlikely in the eyes of the American intelligence community, that gives the US an upper hand in deciding on a date to begin an assault of their own.

Iran Us War : the Israel front

Recent weeks have seen escalating concerns over an Iran-Israel conflict and how the US could end up at war if they decide to come to the aid of their Israeli allies. Lieutenant General Ronald Burgess told the Armed Services committee, ‘ To the best of our knowledge Israel has not decided to attack Iran. ‘ But given the lovey-dovey relationship between Israel and US, an attack out of Israel would likely prompt the US to launch an attack immediately.

Israel interventionat Iran US War means launching of terrorism and nuclear warfare by Iran

At that point, warns Burgess, a retaliation in the form of an international terrorist network masterminded by the Iranians and a possible nuclear assault could become an immediate reality.

Neither the US nor Israel have confirmed that they intend to attack Iran, but the two close allies out of mutual benefits have made plans for a massive missile drill scheduled for later in 2012. The move will see the transport of thousands of US troops to Israel, where they will be close to thousands of other Americans stationed in nearby Gulf nations. The general consensus dictates that USA will deal with Syria and finish the nuisance there, before starting the much awaited Iran US war.

In the few months since a US surveillance drone was hijacked by Iran during an attempted spy mission on the country, Tehran has teased Washington by using the capture as a propoganda measure and insisted that it has decoded the stealth technology of the aircraft. The US has responded by mobilizing fleets and ground troops to the tune of tens of thousands around the Arabian Gulf and the nations that surround Iran. Additionally, the US has equipped many countries that neighbor Iran with weapon arsenal capable of crushing their foe.

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